~ 2 Online Healing Retreats ~

Two Online Healing Retreats
with Alijandra

OHR #1: Quan Yin & Her Alchemical Mauve Ray

OHR #2: Through the Wormhole:

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Online Healing Retreat # 1: Quan Yin & Her Alchemical Mauve Raye
with Alijandra

Online Healing Retreat #1: Quan Yin & Her Alchemical Mauve Ray
Online Webcast & MP3 Audio Download

Online Healine Retreat Description:
Join us for a special event to connect deeply, and even a chance to merge, with the cosmic energies of Quan Yin. There is the more personal being of Quan Yin, goddess of compassion, where you may have had visitations or meditative connections in the past. And that will most likely happen again in this sacred webinar. She walked this planet in the ancient past.

But there is also the Universal Cosmic Energy of the full being, still referred to as Quan Yin, but so huge it is unfathomable for most of our minds on this earth to comprehend in its entirety. She has many multiple aspects, some embody a very tiny slice of this energy on earth and other dimensions. The galaxy Andromeda, way bigger than our Milky Way galaxy, is a good place to start with connecting, and potentially merging, with the incredible Being.

A Note from Alijandra
In the 1990s, I had an intense, but wonderful experience in one of my advanced color classes where she unexpectedly merged with me to the point my auric field temporarily had no layers(Layers in our auric field are usual for us incarnated here); j ust her energy. It was incredible and memorable. I would like to facilitate the potential for all of you to have that experience as well.

The mauve ray and flame will be introduced to newer people, and for those familiar with it, used to help us connect. There will also be some new variations on the mauve ray and the mauve flame, that are just being developed and never given out until this webinar. An mp3 will be recorded and sent out following the event.

Online Healing Retreat # 2: Through the Wormhole
Connecting with the Hyperspace Experience
with Alijandra

Online Healing Retreat #2: Through the Wormhole
Online Webcast & MP3 Audio Download

Online Healing Retreat Description:
Through the Wormhole – Connecting with the Hyperspace Experience

Travel into hyperspace and journey beyond the space time continuum as we enter the Quantum Zone in this Online Healing Retreat.

This meditational experience will bring you to new levels of expansion by opening you up to multidimensional and quantum aspects of your self. You’ll learn about and journey to quasars, pulsars, supernovas, parallel universes and black holes, the omniverse and wormholes.

“By making connection to these cosmic entities, we open our consciousness to understand we are in a great omniverse, with multiple universes, and this will expand our views on reality,” says Alijandra, author of Cosmic Chakras.

“On the Earth plane, we’re at a point in our growth where we are ready to join the rest of the cosmos. We’re starting to let go of things that are negative, such as war, and embrace the oneness so that we may join the greater community of star beings and planets.”

Journeying Through a Wormhole---a multidimensional highway connecting planetary bodies or parallel universes. Some are invisible, some are not to the intuitive. Currently they are invisible to our instruments. They alter the time/space continuum. The great thing about wormholes is that they connect between two points thousands of light years away, enabling us to travel quickly between those points.

Quasars---are galaxies with the luminescence of a hundred galaxies. In other words, it is the birth of a galaxy and the beginnings of a new universe. When you connect with them you can regain your energy when you are feeling "run down" or needing to specifically send healing to a particular body part. Quasars normalize the body to its correct frequency wave.

Supernovas---occur when the cores of very large (high mass) stars can no longer produce energy by nuclear fusion, get crushed inward by gravity. They blow apart (actually by imploding), thus creating most of the elements of earth and other planets, including most of the atoms in our bodies. Most of the energy of the stars that escape is neutrinos. Some of the elements generated by the supernovas are gold, lead and uranium. “The energy emitted by a supernova is truly staggering---as much as all 200 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy combined!”

Pulsars---are formed from neutron stars (which are formed from burned out cores of massive stars which collapse down into a very dense, small ---typically 20 mile diameter---masses of incredbily strong magnetic fields) rotating around each other in an opposing dance of attraction and repulsion. Huge amounts of hear and light are generated by a pulsar, along with strong, intenses surges of gravity and magnetism. Light waes, radio waves and radar bombard the pulsar's stars.

About Alijandra

Intuitive and empathic her whole life, she graduated from college with a registered nurse degree and one in English. She has focused her attention the last 31 years to the development and practice of color energy therapy, where she is widely seen as a pioneer in the field. Additionally,she trained in several other healing/bodywork modalities, which she still uses, although her focus is now more on the spiritual, visionary side and how to effectively apply it to the holistic healing process. After many years in the SF bay area, she is now based in Sacramento, California.

She is the founder and author of Healing with the Rainbow Rays, her pioneering work into this style of color energy healing, published in 1995. About 19 years ago, she began to develop the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing", which continues to yield on-going, cutting-edge new material. In the last four years, she developed the Rainbow Liquid Light work for ascension, which continues her work begun over 17 years ago on reversing the aging process and immortality. She is now teaching that material.

Besides the dissemination of advanced methods of healing and information, she has been told by her guidance from the Akashic Records that as an elder, "she is one who helps hold the balance of Light on the planet" and is "capable of altering the direction of humanity for the higher good".

Her greatest desire is to be of service to humanity by bringing forth tools to assist others in being in touch with their own divinity. Alijandra states,"St Germain says that large intergalactic openings are going on in each person's body. This is bringing about a huge escalation of awareness because the earth is multi-universal. And as we feel the intergalactic openings within us, it is also concurrently going on around us, as well. Beings from every dimension and every galaxy throughout the Universe are currently on the earth plane. This is creating a massive upheaval. There is a finishing of karma on all levels and now the doorway is open for those ones with the vibration of Bliss to do their work."

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