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Claire Candy Hough

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Today's Guest: Claire Candy Hough

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Season 10 Episode 44 - I Am an Angelic Walk-In

In her remarkable and revealing autobiography, “I Am an Angelic Walk-In”, Claire Claire Candy Hough speaks openly and honestly about her angelic Walk-In experience. She recounts how the former soul of Claire Candy, after suffering 22 years in an abusive marriage and experiencing a life of despair, suicide attempts and anorexia asked and prayed unconsciously to exit early her Earthly contract. On January 11, 2003, a soul-exchange agreement was forged between the former soul of Claire Candy who walked-out of her physical form and went Home to God with honors, and I, Angel Ariel, walked-in and took over her responsibilities, cleaned up her life and brought all of its’ aspects back into Divine alignment. Once this was done, Claire Candy/Angel Ariel set upon her heaven sent mission of helping others to reconnect to their own Divine eternal natures by remembering their magnificence, beauty and power within.

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A Fascinating Quantum Conversation with Claire Candy Hough

Find out more about Walk-Ins, why they incarnate back to human form, their often shared characteristics and what challenges they encounter on their amazing journey back to the physical fields of matter.

It’s time to release all attachments to the 3D Grid so you fully embody in this new 5D Grid, upholding the vision and frequency for New Earth.

1. What is a Walk-In and why do they incarnate back into physical form?
2. When the Walk-In takes place, what happens to the Walk-Outs life and in particular to their responsibilities?
3. What are the often shared characteristics of Walk-Ins and some of the things that Walk-Ins experience that gives them clues as to what has happened to them?

About Claire Candy Hough

As an Author, Writer, an Angel Practitioner, a Reiki Master/Teacher, International Radio Show Host, and Inspirational Speaker, Claire Candy Hough helps others connect to their Divine Eternal Natures. She established her business, ‘Angel Healing House’ in 2003, after her angelic Walk-In experience.

After establishing a spiritual community of light from 2003-2007 on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia, she and her Twin-Flame husband Pete, followed the voice of the Divine and moved to the States in 2008. Living in Santa Barbara, Ca. from 2008- 2010, Claire Candy held presentations, workshops, and seminars in addition to her healing work. With her move to the Los Angeles area in 2010, Candy has brought her enthusiasm, passion and joy as she helps others to live authentic lives and manifest their dreams.

Known for her extraordinary ability to channel messages from the angelic realm, this straight-shooting and grounded Healing practitioner is loved and admired by her international clientele for the transformative effect that she has on their lives.

Through her business Angel Healing House, Candy is a published author, of the inspirational, channeled books, ‘Angels of Faith’, which is based on her two near-death experiences, “One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” which is based on five of her most important past lives and the lessons she learned in the afterlife and her autobiographical, incredible personal journey in, “I Am an Angelic Walk-In”, which is the sequel to “One True Home”.

Her professionally recorded, guided angel meditation CD, 'Letting Go of Concerns and Living in the NOW!" takes one on an angelic journey that helps bring peace, clarity and harmony to one’s life.

In 2012, she created and hosts her weekly international Angel Healing House Radio program on Blog Talk Radio.

Candy was chosen to be a featured Healing Practitioner for a documentary TV series about the new generation of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children called, “The Children of the Rainbow”

In her appearances on radio talk shows and TV her candor, enthusiasm, and passion for life is infectious. By weaving her ‘down to earth’ advice with her channeled spiritual knowledge, clients walk away from private sessions and workshops with practical tools and Divine insights on how to maximize their potential in all areas of their lives.

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