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Quantum Conversations

Christopher Tims

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Today's Guest: Christopher Tims

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Crystals for Personal & Planetary Transformation

Christopher will be speaking about the ancient and modern uses of Quartz Crystals. How consciously interacting with the crystal kingdom can bring transformation and magic in a very practical way into our everyday lives. Christopher has also had unique experiences with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

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Join us for this show with Christopher Tims who will discuss:

Why is clear quartz the Master stone?
Why is the energy and vibration of Clear Quartz Crystal important for this time?
Why was my experience so unique with The Mitchell -Hedges Crystal Skull?

Christopher carries and broadcasts the energy of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull all the time... People on the call will receive a direct transmission, their personal crystals and stones that they have there during the call will also be charged by the energy. You will have the opportunity to benefit from Christopher's 30 years of experience with working with quartz crystals, and you will hear concepts that are not common knowledge.

About Christopher Tims

People think of Christopher in many different ways, as a Teacher, Healer and Practical Mystic. He considers himself a reminder of The Oneness that you are, and simply a friend walking beside you discovering sights along the way. He founded the Order of the Blue Star in 1988 and has been sharing the Eternal Teachings since that time. He also founded and facilitates the Blue Star Mystery School and Sound Energy Dynamics; classes that reach world wide.

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