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Quantum Conversations

Cynthia Charis

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Show Guest: Cynthia Charis

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Season 10 Episode 2: The Great Cosmic Commission
Living Transmissions from the Mahavatar Babaji

Come join us on a profound journey into the Temples of Light within your Sacred Heart. Together, we will activate the Codes of Creation that allow you to birth the unique dreams of Heaven on Earth within you. Experience the diamond light body of Mahavatar Babaji, and the crystalline splendor of Sophia, The Mother of the Universal, as they lift you into the stargate of your heart to reveal the celestial wonder, radiant beauty and inner glory of Heaven within you.

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Experience this Quantum Conversation with Cynthia Charis where you will learn that:

You are a Sovereign Being who has a profound part to play in the dance of Ascension that is upon us. We are all being called by the Great Cosmic Commission to step up and embody our divinity to create the new Paradigm of Peace on Earth. Now is the time we took birth for. Together, let’s create the miracles we’ve dreamed of!

About Cynthia Charis

Cynthia is an intuitive energy healer who brings forth living transmissions from the Avatars, The Star Nations, and Sophia, the Divine Mother of Creation. She is here to birth new realities of Heaven on Earth within you. Her ability to uplift and transform thousands of people’s lives arises from her luminous heart and her deep devotion to Spirit.

She has been in deep and profound communication with the Great Beings of Light in the inner planes for many years. Her greatest passion has been to transmit their collective light, power and love into those who wish to awaken their higher bodies of consciousness and serve as emissaries of truth and love in the world.

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