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Danielle Brooks on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Danielle Brooks

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Season 10 - Episode 41: The Gateway to Freedom
Together we will work with the potent energy of the 12.12 gateway to explore and release the deepest core wounds and blockages that have kept us feeling stagnant and unable to move forward. Various light languages will be sung in a powerful transmission of love to support and assist us in our rebirth and recalibration so that we can move through this gateway to greater freedom.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Danielle Brooks where you will learn:

1. Multiple light languages sung in a powerful transmission that initiates soul level healing in all dimensions and time: past, present, parallel and future
2. Reconnect with our personal power to transform and transmute blockages, stagnancy and fear
3. Activate our Divine blueprint through joy, excitement and expanded creativity

About Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks, PhD (Light Language Healing, Spiritual Teacher)

Danielle is a powerful activator to help you be all that you are here to be.

Described as a galactic conduit for the sacred voice, Danielle sings multiple light languages that work at a soul level to recalibrate, renew and realign you with your Divine power and full creative potential.

You are the healer, she is the facilitator; here to support, guide and teach heart centered wisdom and love. Danielle draws on a diverse background in psychic surgery, shamanism, vibrational medicine and mysticism. As a trance medium, the light languages are sung through her to activate profound healing in all dimensions of space and time: past, present, parallel and future.

Having walked her own journey through trauma and cancer, she offers a visionary way to transform pain and achieve greater health, inner peace and a joy filled life.

Danielle holds a PhD in Human Development and a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality. She is an eternal student of the light.

The journey of awakening to our inherent truths as creators is an extraordinary path of self-empowerment, self-responsibility and love. It is often a deeply challenging one, as we confront the shadows, the inaccuracies and the falsities that have been deeply woven into our psyche and bodies. Each of us moves through these layers of release and recalibration at a pace and speed that is unique and perfect. No one journey is the same. The deepening of consciousness, heightened awareness, transmutation of fear into love and reclaiming of authentic power are the cornerstones of living a heart filled life that is alive with interconnectedness, abundance and peace. It is Danielle’s greatest joy to share and support you in achieving this in your own unique way.

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