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David Gibson

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Today's Guest: David Gibson

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Season 10 Episode 36: Sound Healing and Therapy

We will be discussing how sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will talk about how specific frequencies, sounds, music and energy can work together in these four areas. Experience the Sonic Vibrations of Healing Music for the Waters of our Planet, and Unconditional Love. PLUS - hear the tones that alleviate pain in this fascinating discussion with David Gibson, founder of the Sound Healing Research Foundation and creator of Sound Healing Music with over 40 CDs.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with David Gibson and learn about...

1. Sound and intention
2. Frequencies for healing and raising consciousness
3. The frequencies and sound of love

David shares on his rock-and-roll background as a sound engineer and how it inspired him to learn more about the Sound Healing effects of music when he noticed that certain types of music gave him warm feelings, goose-bumps, feelings of comfort and happiness and left him at peace. He has dedicated his work to researching how specific sound frequencies remove blockages and return us to Divine Flow, a natural state of being.

About David Gibson

David Gibson is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco (and online), offering Individual Classes and State approved Certificate and Associates Degree Programs in Sound Healing and Therapy since 1990. David is the author of the top selling book, “The Complete Guide to Sound Healing” . He is also a top selling producer of Sound Healing music, and runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute (and online) offering over 15 types of sound healing treatments . David has produced 3 International Sound Healing Conferences and is also the founder of the Sound Healing Research Association designed to help bring sound healing into the mainstream (homes & hospitals).

David’s education in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley gives him a unique basis for understanding and explaining the way that sound affects us physically and mentally.

David currently has over 40 CD’s on the market selling 1000’s per year. His CD’s are being used in many Hospitals around the country including Boston General and U.C. Medical Center. Most of his CD’s incorporate brain-enhancing frequencies in the music.

In order to bring sound healing into the mainstream David has setup the Sound Healing Research Foundation to find and study all of the frequencies and musical intervals within the body. He has completed a research project on using sound and music to help Parkinson’s patients.

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