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Esther Bartkiw on Healing Conversations

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Today's Guest: Esther Bartkiw

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Season 10 Episode 31: Tapping into the Miracle Vibration - It's an inside job!
As we enter into the 11-11 Gateway and the 12-12 Gateway, Esther Bartkiw shares a group process on how we can access the Miracle Energy that lies within us. It is this vibration that actually creates Miracles. She says, the Universe says "Show me your Vibration, and I'll show you Miracles." Esther also leads us on a guided meditation to become a Powerful Magnet for Miracles.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Esther Barkiw:

• Expand into LOVE and Live as Love to create Miracles

• How Miracles are viewed in the 3D and 5D

• Opening the File of Universal Wisdom and accessing the Miracle Vibration

• How to Anchor solidly in the 5D Grid

• Entering the 11-11 Stargate Portal

About Esther Bartkiw

Spiritual Energy Healer, Conscious and Ascension Guide, Change Agent, Spiritual Mentor, Channel

Esther Bartkiw is a Beacon of Light to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. Reminding us that we are Divine.

Esther works with star-seeds and lightbeacons to discover, explore and change their negative and limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors. She holds the position that our beliefs create our reality and our reality shapes our beliefs. Change starts from within.

With her clients she uses Core Belief Engineering (CBE) Conscious Creating Energy work in the Quantum Field as tools to facilitate change and deep inner growth.

As a Channel, Esther taps into and delivers the teaching, perspective and guidance of The Tribunal to those who are open and eager to learn. The Tribunal is a group of twelve universal,non-physical beings who feel their communication with mankind is of great importance as humanity rises to a higher state of consciousness.

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