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Juliann Calvey on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Juliann Calvey

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Season 10 - Episode 7: Embody Your Higher Self
We will talk about what Ascension is truly about, embodying all aspects of yourself, including soul fragments in order to become whole and expand into fifth dimensional consciousness, where all answers can be found, along with Health, Happiness, Abundance and Joy, Peace!

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Juliann Calvey:

In this Golden Era we naturally evolving. Integrating ego/body with soul. Integrating dark and light. Expanding our Consciousness to what we have been unconscious to. Awakening to what we have been asleep to. In this episodoe, you will learn to expand your consciousness, live in Source Reality and in human form at the same time with the most ease and grace.

To complete yourself in human form means to transform all aspects of you that have been in hiding due to traumatic events – this is a natural coping mechanism which we need to continue living without these traumatic events constantly in our conscious minds. Traumatic events can be of any size and believe we all have many of them in our unconscious mind that drive our lives today – they leave us without freedom. They never leave us they simply go into our Shadow and fester. Anything that gets suppressed yearns for expression. As well, at the soul level, at the level of source, depending on the level of the traumatic event parts of our soul literally leaves our physical form because soul always years to go back to source at a young age. We need to bring these pieces back in order to complete ourselves.

It has been said that the same technique I will teach you has been taught by an Indian Swami and then let go a long time ago. The yearn for completion at the soul level has been an aspiration in Eastern cultures forever! They cared much less about ego/body than Western society. Soul was everything to them. We are just starting to catch up – but only on that part. We have evolved in other ways – greatly! This is simply a distinct between our two cultures. It’s important to know what a distinction is and to allow yourself to make distinctions.

About Juliann Calvey

Juliann Calvey is a Psychic Oracle Medium who guides you to Awaken to your Deepest Self. As a result of her sessions you will expand your consciousness to the 5th and beyond, you will become more En-Lightened and you will feel more Whole.

Juliann guides others to their Intuitive Psychic Medium connections.

She was born Awake to the Truth of herself as a first generation Indigo child. To avoid the harshness of the world we live in she played in the land of the fairies and unicorns. This not only kept her from being squashed out of her Awakened state, but kept her in touch with worlds that the Earth herself has put away for safe-keeping.

Yet her life was not easy. She knows, from those who have crossed over, that we who have signed up for the toughest lives are on a fast-track for spiritual Awakening – through our woundings come our healings. She has always been abundantly clairvoyant, intuitive and psychic and she guides others in their lives through these abilities. It helps others to know where they are going and other options they may have to get on-path as well as what changes they may make. She sees what in coming forth in their lives so they can be prepared, and what it would be best for them to do for themselves right now! As well, as we all get in our own way, she always address this issue.

Juliann’s love of the planet’s hidden gifts and love of her intimate connection with Source and her Higher Self she has saved her own life and the lives of all who come to her.

She has Awakened to many innate spiritual gifts of her own and shares them with humanity, the planet and the Universe – this is her calling.

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