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Kim Regnitz on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Kim Regnitz

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Season 10 Episode 33:
“Embodying” the Sovereignty of your Multi-Dimensional “I AM” Self!

We are live with Kim to discuss Personal Sovereignty in the midst of the Post-US Election news. In the call, Kim will use 'Sound' to break up and transmute a lot of the Chaotic energy many are feeling. She will also lead us on an Activational/Meditational Journey to Embody Sovereignty. People are feeling Powerless and focusing on what is on they are seeing rather than the Light behind all of this and the Perfection that is. It is bringing up so much for so many!

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A Note from Kim Regnitz ...

I will share tools that we can use to Hold our Light, Autonomy, and Sovereignty regardless of what is occurring! This is the "least real" dimension and let's see how we can shift this energy of "false evidence appearing real or "former experience actually repeating" (cellular Memory of Fear). I am getting the Guidance to perhaps lead a participatory Sound Experience as we move into 5th Dimensional Frequency's!

Also Fear is the "Ego Consciousness", I would like to speak about the "wounded Ego" and how to recognize this Consciousness as it shows up in our lives whenever we are making a Quantum Leap!

We are MAGNIFICIENT Beings, and I would like to bring that forth on tonight's call. I am being Energetically prepared Big Time!

Join us for an Adventure in 5th Dimension “Ascension” Frequency and Consciousness! Through the Divine Guidance of My “I AM” Team we will explore what it means to be fully “Embodied”, as the Divine Master that you are! Shift your Frequency and Raise your Vibration, and learn to HOLD your Resonance with whatever challenge is occurring in your Life!

Sound Transmissions, as Guided, may come through for the Group as well as the Live Callers that I may interact with to recalibrate and realign your Energetic Bio Field!

It is my Intent to be of the Highest Service of Divine Love, Light and Consciousness from within me. Whoever is on the Live call (I will be taking Live Callers), or listens to the recording following the Event will represent and hold the Space for the Highest Integrity of Divine Love for all Beings in Service for Everyone!

1. Accessing information through the Field of the Heart, your Portal to OmniPresence!

2. How to use ‘Sound’ to instantly Shift your Frequency!

3. How to truly Embrace theMulti-Dimensional Master that you are!

About Kim Regnitz

Global Leader Harnesses the Energies of Compassion and Light

Kim Marie Christine Regnitz is a Multi-Dimensional Master, Vibrational Intuitive and a Conscious Channel of the “I AM” Frequencies, assisting others through the deepest levels of Awakening and Transformation!

Kim came in as an Enlightened Soul always feeling the connection and comfort of being in Nature and ‘playing’ with the Elementals. Being extremely sensitive, you would often find her in or around Water! In the late 1980’s, around the time of the Harmonic Convergence, She experienced “Unity Consciousness” and her life changed dramatically. In 1992, after recently getting married, she moved to rural North Central Wisconsin where she had a Huge Vibrational Shift of Awakening into “Christ Consciousness” Frequency! Through the intensity of this Transformational Shift, she experienced many upgrades facilitating the purging of obsolete patterns and Cellular memory held within her “Field”. As she integrated this process within herself, Kim then began to assist others through Activation of their Light Body as a Conscious Channel of the “I AM Presence” Frequency.

In 1995 she started her Business, “Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation, where she began to teach Intensives, activating and empowering others in the Awakening of their Divinity, as an Interpreter of the Soul’s Vibration! As Kim continued on her own Transformational Journey, Embodying Divine Consciousness, she was able to reconnect with many of Gifts and Skill Sets obtained through Multi-Dimensional Timelines! She has brought through this Wisdom and teaches others how to Access the Quantum Holographic Field through their own Heart Space, raising their Frequency in Resonance with their Highest Possibility Potential! Activating others in this Re-connection with their own I AM Presence and True Authentic Self, in Loving Divine Service, brings much Joy to Kim as she is able to witness the Master within each Being, as they begin to Embody and Live from the place of their true Authenticity connecting up with Miracles and Magic in their Lives!

In her Multi-Dimensional, Holographic Transformational Sessions, Group Intensives and Nature Retreats, as Divinely Guided, she is able to eclectically blend many Gifts and Skill Sets including, Sacred Sound, Astrology, Crystalline Transmissions/Language of Light, LaHoChi Healing, Dowsing, Sacred Geometry, Matrix Energetics, Nature Communication/Animal Totems, Crystals, Holographic Coaching/Personal and Business, and more…!

Kim’s Love of Nature finds her on many Rivers as a Whitewater Kayaker. She has been a Professional Whitewater River Guide for over 30 + years! Kim also holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and has taught for over 10 years, all with the intent of Focusing on each person’s Strengths, bringing Mindfulness and Presence to one’s life! She lives life as an Adventurer, her home in Nature (Wisconsin) with her husband Mark, her 17 yr. old Son Dylan, and 2 Cats, “Precious” and “Mama Kitty” Her newest endeavor is leading Multi-Dimensional, Transformational Nature Retreats and plans to offer them worldwide! ~ Namaste~

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