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Lisa Ana

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Today's Guest: Lisana

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Season 10 Episode 43 - EVENT DISCLOSURE: Embodiment - Calling All Masters

Lisana is an embodied walk-in from SoUrce transmiting a high frequency as well as codes to assist YOU to step into your embodied Mastery. Her prime directive has been and maintains to assist with the raising of the frequency while assisting mother earth, and the birthing of the new consciousness. Are you ready?

For those already embodied, you may be seeking answers for this new sensation, Lisana will be able to offer assistance. And if you are wishting to embody, you can learn more about what this means.

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A Fascinating Quantum Conversation with Lisana

During the Dec, 21, 2012 alignment Lisana experienced a 5-hour period of Embodiment, resulting in fully opened chakras with evidence of welts on her jawline from the hormonal release of her Sacral Chakra opening. She understands from her own story, what embodiment looks and feels like and how you can tell what is happening to you too.

It’s time to release all attachments to the 3D Grid so you fully embody in this new 5D Grid, upholding the vision and frequency for New Earth.

What does it mean to Embody your Higher Self?
How to identify Ascension Symptons vs. Embodiment
How can tell if you are Embodied?
Fear of dying or fear of living?

About Lisana
Lisana, reluctant to use labels to characterize who she is or what she does, will indulge for the purpose of connection. As an embodied " walk-in", Lisana naturally comes encoded with clarity of direct streaming to/from SoUrce, highly empathic, clear of fear, worry and attachment. Incredible focus for mission assisting the birthing of new consciousness. Thus one label she aligns with is "midwife" for consciousness.
A mystic, luminary and emissary, this is a natural state of an embodied walk-in.
Immediately after her entry she was sent on mission to the Arkansas vortex, Peru, Boilvia and the British Isles, connecting with the sacred temples, sights and critical parts of the grid. The last 14 months has been spent domestically traversing the wings of the DOVE in north America.
Now coming up on a 4 year birthday/contract 12/25/2012, she has returned to Boulder/ Denver to be available for this event of mass shifting in consciousness.
Her essence of purity and the highest LOVE is the state of grace for which she delivers a high frequency, either thru sound healing,verbal transmission or touch.
Her connection with mother Gaia, the crystal kingdom as well as the water consciousness is profound and has been the primary focus, until now, whereby she is to assist the collective consciousness..to embody into the higher states.

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