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Olivia Sterling on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Olivia Sterling

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Season 10 Episode 27: Spiritual Excavation Therapy

Olivia Sterling shares her personal story of her awakening and how it led her to develop this healing therapy that digs to the core of your deepest pain or fear so you can live your soul purpose. She shares an easy process of how to surround yourself with Sacred Geometry for protection as you excavate the core wound.

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AboutOlivia Sterling

Olivia Sterling is the founder of a rare and profound approach to healing at the deepest levels. THE ROYAL BOHEMIAN WISDOM TEACHINGS embodies the practices of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools before CONTEMPORARY religions. Through discovery, as you share your life experiences ,we will explore the deeper meaning behind your struggles in life. Including all illnesses! Olivia is an Ambassador of Light for the Alliance of Divine Love, a Metaphysical Ministry she has been licensed in since the early nineties. She is presently earning a doctorate in Divinity and Spirituality in the ADL. Ms. Sterling describes her healing therapies as Vibrational Medicine or Shamanic Energy Healings.

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