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Pippa Merivale  on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Pippa Merivale

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Season 9 Episode 30:
Experience the High Vibrational Frequencies of Metatronic Healing®

Metatronic Healing Founder Pippa Merivale shares on the gifts of the dynamic and fast-growing modality of Metatronic Healing, conceived through miracles and leading each person who comes to it towards miracles of healing and empowerment.

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Science tells us that higher frequencies dissolve or displace lower frequencies, much as steam dissolves ice: the true route to Ascension is ever-deepening embodiment, as the loving light of our souls displaces the density of our long-accumulated fears. Metatronic Healing® is a power-tool in this journey: it harnesses high frequencies of love to dissolve our lower, fear-based ‘stories’, or cellular imprints. It activates the innate power and intelligence of the heart. It softens old settings of fear and lack, releasing the pain of buried wounds. And step by step, it turns you away from negative habits of body, speech and mind and towards the co-creative power of your essential, divine nature.

About Pippa Merivale

Global Leader Harnesses the Energies of Compassion and Light

For more than 25 years Pippa Merivale has ceaselessly dedicated her life to exploring the field of consciousness in search of healing tools that transcend the boundaries of time and space.

She found these, in tandem with the powerful Archangel Metatron, her direct mentor and teacher for more than 23 years: Ruler of the Tree of Life, Archangel of Divine Presence and – most immediately for Pippa – the Bridge reuniting the energies of Heaven with those of Earth.

Tirelessly in training with Metatron to harness the energies of Compassion and Light from the realms of the Masters, Pippa an already gifted healer, international teacher, 3-time author and radio host brought her gifts to humanity spanning the globe from the Far East through Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Subsequently in 2007 she founded Metatronic Healing®; a revolutionary system demonstrating extraordinary healing on all levels of consciousness.

The wide experience that has enabled Pippa to meet each person exactly where they are, stepping them out of struggle and towards the unique expression of their divinity and creative power, is now carried through to a greater field of humanity as she brings Metatron’s sacred medicine to audiences worldwide through a deep-reaching range of Teleseminars, and Healing & Prayer events.

“Living apart from one’s Divine and Creative nature, says Pippa, is no longer an option.”

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