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VRoger Deycaza

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Today's Guest: Roger Deycaza

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Season 10 Episode 22: High Frequency Healing & Activation with Roger Deycaza

Direct High Frequency Energy transmissions accelerate the clearing, restoration and activation of our dormant 5-12D Divine Human Blueprints. The process of steady Light integration assists in clearing, activating and upgrading the entire auric field; resulting in physical regeneration and Divine Self emergence.

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About Roger Deycaza

Roger DeYcaza is a natural born high-frequency healer. He has dedicated his life assisting others in their personal consciousness expanding journey. He assists in raising ones overall vibration or frequency by transmitting the higher frequencies of Source energy directly to ones auric field and physical body; clearing, upgrading and activating their entire energetic system. This process allows one to eventually shift from 3rd density to 5D. After the restoration of the 5D Merkaba, his energy work will continue to facilitate in the restoration of the 12D Human Divine Blueprint; as well as activating Divinity codes within that particular blueprint. His work accelerates the path of Divine Self emergence.

Special Offer from Roger Deycaza

Special Offer

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