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Terrie Christine

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Today's Guest: Terrie Christine

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Season 10 Episode 4: The Secret Power of You

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in happiness, love and abundance? Why do certain people succeed while others fail? As an Intuitive Life Coach, Terrie Christine shares the secrets of allowing yourself to release the old – the old programmed patterns that keep you from seizing the things you so much desire.

During this thought-provoking, interactive interview, Terrie shares how her own personal pain catapulted her into living in love and happiness all while helping others. She exposes the truth about psychic powers, being a medium and the energy all around you.

I want you to remind yourself of something you probably already know, which is, nothing will change unless you change from within. So the time is now to listen in and FINALLY allow yourself to unpack your baggage from the past.

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About Terrie Christine

Terrie Christine helps people access love, abundance and peace by clearing old energetic blocks that hold them back. She works with clients all over the world and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community.

Terrie Christine is an Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Speaker, Author and creator of the Secret Power of You Master Course. She specializes in clearing energy blocks. Terrie possesses what she calls my “super powers”. She is Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling).

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, she was struck by a car while walking across the street at the age of 8 and floated in a coma for 10 days. When she woke up and her body healed, Terrie’s life was a sea of magnificent manifesting. She didn’t look at this gift as something special, to her, if she had a “burning desire” and wanted something, she simple just manifested it.

The tipping point for Terrie’s spiritual transformation began with the passing of her Grandfather. Her sister was the closest to him and she missed him tremendously. So much so, her loss sucked her into a dark depression. Every year, Terrie watched as her sister’s depression became deeper and more pronounced until the one day she contacted a Medium.

That one session became the beginning of her sister’s healing and Terrie’s spiritual journey. The last words the Medium spoke to Terrie and her sister, “if I can do this, anyone can.” It was as if Terrie was struck by lightning. She knew instantly that she would do that one day and save people like she felt that Medium saved her sister’s life and pulled her out of her depression.

Over the course of many years, Terrie studied with the Masters on meditation and many different modalities., Today, as an Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Medium , Terrie can remotely scan your body for environmental and energetic blocks. She can read your chakras and determine blocks created in your fields that hold you back from accessing love, abundance and peace.

People develop blocks that keep them from living the life they truly desire. A block is a false belief usually created before the age of 7 between you and a caregiver, such as Mom or Dad. This has nothing to do with Mom or Dad being physically or emotionally abusive. On the contrary, this false belief could have been generated by a moment in time when you wanted attention as a small child and your Mom did not provide that attention which caused you to feel unwanted or not good enough.

Most people cannot connect to the blocks that hold them back from receiving love, happiness, peace or abundance. They live their lives being triggered by what another says or does. Simply put, Terrie can connect to you energetically and reveal when you accepted this block, at what age and by whom. She can help you clear the old energy so that you can live a more complete and fulfilling life.

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