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Vox Angelus

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Today's Guest: Vox Angelus

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Season 10 Episode 14: Connecting with God Through Our Innermost Depths

People are most often seeking from outside of themselves, that which arises from deep within and is not attainable through external forces, perceptions, and interpretation of what is truth and what is illusion. Through our eyes only, we view the world around us in a much different manner than another. And our notion of truth is based upon our personal understanding of the world through ownership of the past, present, and future, based upon our personal filter of our external environment.

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Listen to Vox Angelus' first Quantum Conversation in Season 9:

In this Quantum Conversation, Vox Angelus will share personal experience, the insightfulness of the Angels, and will facilitate a group meditation for opening, clearing, and healing with the Angels.

About Vox Angelus

VOX ANGELUS (Phyllis Douglass) is a Celestial Alchemist, Sage and Wise Woman, who demonstrates ones ability to anchor from within a profound and beautiful connection to the divine. She has been surrounded by Angels since childhood with encounters of a physical and spiritual nature. A sacred Kundalini rising brought full understanding of her true relationship with the Angels on High, and she has come fully into being in conversation with her Holy Guardian Angel.

She is indeed an Angel in human form who has become fully awakened to her purpose. Working alongside the Angels for the healing and transfiguration of humanity and the world through the use of her voice, and ability to work and travel multidimensional, is her heavenly mandate. Frequently she is summoned by God to travel outside of body to places around the world, where she is often met by other beings in light form, to administer encoded prayer invocations upon a situation or circumstance where souls have been trapped or circumvention is needed.

A visit within her Akashic Records via Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process, brought forward a direct communication with YHWH. She was given a personal and powerful prayer invocation to access the information energetically recorded since the dawn of creation, and asked to understand that the evolution of humanity is an art. A creation. So in her eyes she sees all that exists as being in a state of impermanence, in so much as all things can be altered or changed. All that exists is energy and all is interconnected.

Vox Angelus has an impressive vocal range and ability to orchestrate both feminine and masculine sounds, tones, and harmonics through the use of her voice. She eloquently sings, speaks and writes the encoded 'Language of the Elohim', which carries and transmits the vibrational frequency, light, and information of God. These ancient codes and frequencies are translated and assimilated on a Soul level to energetically clear imbalances, trauma, negative patterns, beliefs, and influences; and assist the process of awakening to your true divine nature!

Participants frequently experience elevated states of consciousness, visions, physical and emotional healing, connection with guides, Angels, and loved ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released and blocked energy begins to flow, and feel an encompassing feeling of love and wellbeing.

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