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Bryan Rawls

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Show Guest: Bryan Rawls

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Season 11 - Episode 7: Ancient Magicks and Creating within The New Earth

Join Romanian-Heritage Gypsy Bryan Rawls in a Live Quantum Conversation who will share Ancient Incantations and Activations to harness the energies of the New Year. Bryan has a new guide, Yaya, who works with the Creation Matrix. She and Bryan will share an Activation to Open to Your Gatekeeper.

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A Message from Bryan Rawls

Happy New Year's "2017" All!
Lots of new beginnings, foundational energies, & magickal things happening in 2017. Since this year equals out to a number "1". I have personally seen lots of Ancient Technologies & Magicks resurfacing. It all started with the brand new guide that started walking with me named "Yaya". She started walking with me as soon as I started on my adventure with speaking publicy in a spiritual church in Franklin NC. That's when she appeared opening a brand new door of working within what we call the "Creation Matrix". As her teaching began to go more indepth in her knowledge of working with a group of spirits that are similar to "Gatekeepers". They walk between the world making sure everything stays in balance and that the universal laws are in working order. With specific ritual and spoken word and the use of implemental tools to bring about a desired outcome. I thought to myself " a new way or new form of magick", petitioning and feeding of Ancestor Spirits & Gatekeepers to do our desired will. To manifest it into our reality in a very fast manner. I started to listen and take note in Yaya's workings and discussion in my head and I began to experiment and I was like blown away at the Speedy Quick Results, I received from these magickal workings. So within this magickal evening I will teach you all some of what Yaya has been teaching me! Along with some Ancient Incantations & Activation's to invite the New Year in. I hope you will definitely join Yaya & I in this magickal working of Activation of Ancient Magicks and Creating within The New Earth

More from Bryan:

Below are some of the things that I would like to talk about that Yaya has taught me.

About Bryan Rawls

Since I was a young child about the age of 7, I have been able to see beyond the veil into the world of spirit. From the time I started school I knew I was different and felt that I did not belong on this plane of existence. About the age of 13 I realized that I could also feel people’s moods (happy, sad etc.) One day a friend asked me “Who are you talking to?”, and I replied “My Indian friend”; this is when I realized exactly how different I really was, and that no one else could hear or see my “invisible” friends.

I finally decided to speak with my idols. My grandmother and aunt explained to me my family heritage; a lineage dating back to the 1400’s and helped me to understand my place in the plan of “ALL THAT IS”. I am the first male in my family to have this blessing and that my mission in this life is to make a difference in the world. With great patience they began to teach me more about honing the abilities that our bloodline and my guides have bestowed upon me. These include clairvoyance (the ability to see), clairaudience (the ability to hear), clairsentience (the ability to feel), claircognizance (the ability to know), telepathy (the ability to send and receive messages with­in the mind), and as well as being a Shamanistic healer.

I began reading tarot cards and angel cards for family and friends with great accuracy. My family encouraged me, but my friends thought I was weird and strange. By Middle School I had become a misfit, having trouble with the teachers for talking in class to people only I could see. When I left school in 8th grade and began home schooling, things got easier. I had split my day between schoolwork and spiritual studies. At 17, I got my first job as an Intuitive Medium on Circle of Stars, at the same time, going to school to get my Certified Nursing Assistant. At 18, I became a CNA, using my healing hands as part of my work, but it became too much, so I listened to the call to work full time for Spirit.

I have worked as an Intuitive Medium on high­volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through whiich I have undergone a battery of tests. From 2006 to 2010 I studied Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master in 2010. I channel many energies to help you with your questions, from spirit guides, angels, archangels, faeries, elementals, gods, goddesses, celestial beings, and other galactic energies. I devote myself to helping people find purpose in their life, provide guidance, as well as provide closure and comfort to those who have had souls dear to them pass beyond the veil, without the opportunity to say goodbye.

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