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Quantum Conversations

Caroline Douglas

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Show Guest: Caroline Douglas

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Season 11 - Episode 34 Embody Your Power - Soul Journey & Heart Readings

Clairvoyant of the Heart Caroline Douglas offers a group Soul Journey to open and expand your heart so you can fully EMBODY your power, standing in your personal sovereignty and Divine Will. In this Quantum Conversation with Caroline, we will experience a powerful Soul Journey Golden Diamond Crystalline Light Activation & Attunement to open and expand your heart and light with the Divine Essence of you and the Diamond Crystalline 5th/6th Dimensional Core of Gaia. Caroline also offers personal Heart Readings in this session.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Caroline Douglas:

1. Letting go of suffering, judgment and the 3D world and align with your heart and divine essence.
2. Shifting into alignment with the divine essence of you
3. Living consciously from your heart

About Caroline Douglas:

Caroline is an Ascension Guide, Wayshower, Spiritual Teacher and Love Heart Alchemist and works with the Divine Mother energies. She guides people on the Ascension path to come into their hearts, raise their vibration, expand their hearts and consciousness, live consciously, reclaim their sovereignty and align with the Diamond Crystalline Core of the 5th/6th Dimensional Gaia. Caroline's activations, attunements and healing embody the diamond crystalline light and new high vibrational energies, which help people move into a higher vibrational reality based on heart-centred being and Unity Consciousness. Caroline surrenders to her connection to Source energy and the flow of Grace and uses a blend of modalites to create a unique transformational experience for heart, body and soul.

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