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Quantum Conversations

Danielle Rama Hoffman

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Show Guest: Danielle Rama Hoffman

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Season 11 - Episode 9: - Divine Transmissions from the Council of Light

Experience the Council of Light, a group of Intergalactic Beings of Light from across the Multiverse who's main mission is to assist humanity in living in Joy. This Quantum Conversation with Danielle also includes a meditation that will allow you to experience a few of the Rays and their ability to assist you in Manifesting the deepest desires of your soul.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Danielle Rama Hoffman

• A Process for Manifesting with Divine Creative Energies

• The Council of Light's 10 Rays of Light

• A Message from the Council of Light - an intergalactic group of Light Beings from across the Multiverse

• How to Creatively Turn Debt into Wealth

• How to Meet Your Own Council of Light

• How to Create a High Vibration for Health, Wealth and Happiness

• The Love Ray, The Emerald Ray and The Joy Ray

• How to Allow Yourself to Be Current with Who You've Become

When you are in a state of joy (the vibration of joy) your system is in a natural wave of energy that is in communion with all of you. You are a multidimensional being, you are a Divine being, you are a creator being, your brilliant system is designed to be in a vibration of joy.

Joy is an energy that can be developed in your system and as it is remembered you are in union with you. As such you move out of resistance, internal turmoil and a state of separation from who you really are and what you really could be generating in your life into realizing that all is well all of the time.

You’re extraordinary, a conscious being, a visionary, a leader & you’ve achieved & experienced amazing things. You’re already thriving (financially, spiritually, &/or professionally), yet you know that you’ve been holding back. You have a dream you haven’t realized yet, a state of consciousness you haven’t embodied, an Opus to download or a legacy t o generate. You are ready to Awaken Your Divine Genius—your brilliances, your Divine Design, your fully realized self—for the fun of it.

About Danielle Rama Hoffman

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a leader in the shift into Unity consciousness, an award winning ofThe Council of Light and the creator of divinetransmissions.com. Through her direct connection with Thoth and The Council of Light she transmits energy, consciousness and innovative wisdom for the purpose of elevating consciousness and personal transformation. She supports visionaries, intuitives, coaches and spiritual growth enthusiasts to confidently share their purpose (unencumbered by fear, shame or doubt) and create the life they desire. Danielle offers retreats in France and vibrational coaching online, including the life evolving video program, Thoth’s Magic Academy.

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