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Judy Cali on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Judy Cali

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The 13 Goddesses of Love and the 13 Angels of Love

Love is Simple, just be Who You Really Are. Judy will bring forth & share about The 13 Goddesses of Love & The 13 Angels of Love to Create a Divine Team to assist YOU to live Authentically, the Truth of You.

SELF LOVE is the Most Important Choice. You can not Love anything if you do not have it 1st to share. There are so many ways to experience Love of Self. We have been taught an untruth, you do not need to earn Love. You are pure Divinity & thru Oneness you are Pure Love.

Come & join Your Spiritual Family as we Giggle, Happy Dance & open our Hearts Lovingly as Judy Channels various beings who have something to share on Love.

It's always such Fun & a Delightful Surprise to see who presents themselves.

Love is truely All & Everything, let's Celebrate the Love of YOU & the Loving Gift of your Sacred Heart, you are here to Share with The World.

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About Judy Cali

Judy Cali has been doing Intuitive Healing work with The Ascended Masters & Angels since 3 yrs. old. She was asked by, Hilarion, the Ascended Master of Healing of The Emerald Ray, to go public with her gifts, 12 years ago. Honoring his request, her Clarion Call, working with people all over The World has been a JOY! Intuitively, thru her Sacred Heart & I AM Presence, she receives a whole picture of you by seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing about your Soul. Her readings bring forth what is most important for you to know at this time in your life. Your Guardian Angels, Guides, Family in Spirit and past life details most relevant to this life, is what may come forth. Judy is a Crystal Reiki Master, Spiritual Minister, Teacher, Life Coach and Workshop Leader.

In 2005 she channeled Mikos, Lemurian Telosian of Inner Earth for The Wesak Festival in New York City. Also she was hired by NBC, as a Psychic, for a documentary on Atlantis and The Bermuda Triangle, still shown today on The Sci Fi Channel.

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