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Quantum Conversations

Kerri Lake

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Show Guest: Kerri Lake

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Season 11 - Episode 30: Divine Integration Through Sensory Awareness

When Kerri was a young teenager she had the awareness that every ailment in the body was related to emotions, that what we call “disease” is the body expressing surpressed emotions. At that time, she made a pact with the Universe and said, “Look, whatever I have to go through, let me do it energetically and emotionally, but leave my body alone!” She didn’t want to go through cancer and other diseases she watched other people struggle with. That set her on a very unique path of seeing the world as vibration much as it’s being revealed through the science of spirit we are seeing now.

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In this Quantum Conversation with Kerri Lake, we will learn:

After living and transcending and ascending through her own densities, always asking how she can be a contribution to humanity, divine awareness was distilled through her into three very simple tools. With these very simple Tools For An Awakening World, you can bring your mind, your body and your heart into the same conversation, the same space and the same time.

Bringing these aspects together with You at the helm (rather than the mind) generates a sense of clarity that feels like effortless guidance and opens the way for you to dance with your own multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional Creator Presence.

About Kerri Lake

Kerri is an ascending master, fully committed to her personal, unique journey. Utilizing her own innate gifts and abilities, she integrates wisdom, guidance and communication from every realm of consciousness to assist and accelerate your own divine integration, starting right where you are.

Her two published books offer a view into the formation of tools, awareness and the courage it has taken to walk through life without compromise. Kerri has blazed a new trail on the road to freedom from limitations and conditioning. On this trail, all species are welcome and integrate through frequencies of communication. The greatest gift she can give to you is her own purity of expression, sharing her own journey, to help you see that if she can do it...so can you.

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