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Show Guest: Tuck Self

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Season 11 - Episode 15: A Quantum Conversation with the Blueprint of Your Soul.....
* Are you ready to unlock your genius and higher purpose in life?

* Are you ready to co-create your life at levels limited only by YOUR imagination?

Welcome to Human Energy Design - the Hologentic Blueprint of your Soul.......

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Tuck Self:

Did you know that life gave you a personalized energy signature and design for Being Who YOU Are? A blueprint for creating life, love, partnerships and work that resonate with your heart and soul.

Your blueprint inspires insight into the dynamics of your inner life. It clearly illustrates which of your responses to life's events are natural, intuitive and instinctive to you, and which are prompted by conditioning and the energetic influences that surround you. 

Your blueprint IS your Sacred Story. Its a journey into the essence of your magic and genius. Discover your gifts, your purpose for being on the planet, and what you need to honor within yourself to live with your heart open wide ......powerfully, prosperously and authentically.

1. Discover through your personal blueprint what you are to trust within your self to make confident and clear choices that will transform your life, work, finances and relationships.
2. Your blueprint will reveal your true nature, your personal talents and strengths, and purpose for being on the planet.
3. Understand when your responses to life’s events are authentic, intuitive and instinctive versus coming from your conditioning and the energetic influences in your surroundings.

About Tuck Self

Tuck Self

Tuck Self is The Rebel Belle and Southern Voice for Bold Self Expression. As a self proclaimed "personal growth enthusiast", she is also a Master Catalyst (and the consummate cheerleader) for change and transformation.

Born and raised in the deep south, Tuck was groomed to be a ‘perfect li’l southern belle’, to do what was "appropriate", making everyone around her comfortable, even at the expense of her own happiness.

Her life journey has been one of finding and reclaiming her authentic voice, and boldly expressing that in the world.

As a sought-after coach, mentor, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, Human Energy Design and Golden Pathway Specialist, Tuck inspires her clients to squeeze as much juice out of life as possible, to trust their power, and live with bold self-expression.

Tuck’s Rebel Belle Philosophy, is uniquely shared through Human Energy Design, The Gene Keys and Golden Pathway two dynamic systems of knowledge and experience which create a solid foundation for your personal journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Self-Illumination.... all by your own Soul’s Design.

BE Who YOU Are * DO What YOU Love * LIVE with Bold SELF-Expression

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