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Healing Conversations

Vandana Atara

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Today's Guest: Vandana Atara

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Accelerating Clear Communication With Spirit Guides, Ascended Beings, & Guardian Ancestors

This sacred journey & liquid light transmission accelerates & deepens your connection to the higher dimensional ascended beings, spirit guides, teachers, angels, archangels, & guardian ancestors who see you through the eyes of loving kindness, mercy, & compassion. Vandana will attune you to the nameless light of holy spirit & pure source to never feel alone, unsafe, or unsupported. Receive downloads, messages, & healing information from infinite consciousness to manifest your deepest dreams, visions, & desires.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Vandana Atara:

About Vandana Atara

Vandana is a highly gifted intuitive accelerated light healer, sacred journey recording artist, spiritual coach, and transfomational teacher with a thriving practice in New York City. She travels and teaches all over the world. Her soul calling is to offer vibrational support to empower, inspire, & enlighten all beings on the path of remembering who they are & why they've come.

The transformational tools she works with helps us to unravel old stories, unlock false beliefs, & release us from carrying inherited patterns & programs from the past into the eternal now. She's helped thousands of clients to express their unique soul signature, divine essence & to step into their true identify of self-mastery as magical & multidimensional beings here to raise the vibration of the entire planet.

Many of Vandanas clients & students include gifted starseeds, sensitives, empaths, & those who consider themselves to be different from the "norm" & require encouragement & clarity on their soul journey. She's been gifted & downloaded with higher dimensional  access to how we can all manifest our dreams, visions, & desires in the blink of an eye as if by magic.

These multidimensional awarenesses organically unfolded from being a caregiver & Mom to her own adult son diagnosed with Aspergers many years ago & how she was able to heal their relationship & empower his gifts with through the power of unconditional love. She pays it forward by drawing from her own wisdom & life experiences to empower & inspire other families.

Special Offer from Vandana Atara

Special Offer

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