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Althea Provost

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Today's Guest: Althea Provost

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Season 12 ~ Episode 21: A Clairvoyant's Perspective on Dropping Density - What's Next?

Clairvoyant Althea Provost returns to share more on her direct experiences with embodied star races, and her interaction with a UFO which beamed awake her "assignment." Althea also discusses the process of Dropping Density and the Magical Occurances that follow.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Althea Provost

Our topic is Density Drop and the "now what" phase of embodiment. If you have lost a lot of energetic weight, allow me to share some Magic, not wishful thinking but Magical Perspectives that empower and enlighten. Together, let's explore the magical side of Deliberate Co-Creation.

About Althea Provost

Althea Provost was born with her spiritual gifts intact, a natural clairvoyant with a propensity for precognition, she knew her true home was in the stars. Althea considers herself a soul traveler on an endless journey; drawn in by a sense of wonder for the unknown. A perpetual student with notepad in hand, she enjoys sharing knowledge gained from direct experience. Awakening to her Grey heritage was akin to receiving a “hot potato,” Althea candidly discusses the awakening process, from rejection to acceptance, to integration and embodiment. As an experiencer, she will discuss her interactions with star family, the benefits and purpose learned.

As an energetic teacher, working for the empowerment of starseeds, Althea meets you where you are and together, higher self to higher self, provides now moment guidance. Her company, Thea’s Heart, LLC provides starseed tours to sacred sites to initiate, activate and awaken others to their next level of awareness.

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