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Arcturus Ra

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Today's Guest: Arcturus Ra

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Season 12 Episode 18: Your Galactic Heritage, Curation of Timelines & Total Paradigm Shift

Arcturian Starship Commander Arcturus Ra joins us to discuss Galactic Heritage and how you can identify and honor your own galactic traits. He also shares on how to bring forth and gather NEW timelines during this Total Paradigm Shift.

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In this Quantum Conversation, Arcturus Ra discusses:

* How to Identify Your Galactic Heritage
* Curation of timelines
* Broken contracts with soul
* New contracts with soul groups
* Nonessential contracts
* Preparation for contact groups and constructing of potential landing sites that we control
* Total paradigm shift

About Arcturus Ra

Hello my friends
ANGELS ELVES and all other magical creatures i miss and have not mentioned . I am an Arcturian Starseed and my memories kick back in and i feel we all being called for great purpose .A lot things are happening so fast that i am speechless but i am greatfull but am learning hoping to meet other Extraterrestials in human form .I has been very hard for us in human form many lives before we where hunted and killed for what we represent but i guess nobody is innocent we all have been in wars . MY wish and projected prayer to you reader is i am sending you love and all the healing you desire . Trust your spiritual and cosmic guides they are all here to assist us in these times . As we speak the ground crew is being prepared you will the ships they are already here all over the sky parked in the fifth dimension . At night we get our additional teaching´s from our families. I am another you and remember nobody is as smart and deep as you .
My regards and Love to you .RA

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