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Christof Melchizedek

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Today's Guest: Christof Melchizedek

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Join Christof Melchizedek as he explores the full story of who we truly are, our original genetic design, and how we as a species suffered severe genetic regression from this original design and what we can do using the programming language of the universe to reverse engineer this process.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Christof Melchizedek

The original design of our human DNA template was that of genetic perfection, a genetic experiment of the Seeder races that architected the Human being to be the jewel in the galactic crown of all species.


This was first architected on Tara around 560 million years ago by the Seeder consciousness fields who collaborated with other conscious beings who resided in Harmonic Universe 2 and 3 and worked together to create the Turaneusium species on Tara which had a 12 strand DNA template that gave them access to 12 dimensions of consciousness.


It is from this original Turaneusium seeding that humanity descended from and lost it’s original genetic divinity through progressive cross breeding and genetic manipulation.

This training will contain a lot of RED PILL information that may seriously impact your consciousness and beliefs, and will contain actual clearings and activations that will begin the process of reverse engineering your DNA template back to it’s original design.

In addition, listeners will learn:

  1. The galactic History of human species and the big picture of the unplugging of our DNA
  2. The programming language of the universe and how you can use this language to re-engineer your DNA template back to its original design
  3. Actual clearing and activation protocols to begin the DNA rebuilding process.

About Christof Melchizedek

Christof Melchizedek is a New Earth Architect supporting the transition for humanity and the planet to higher dimensional realities through the building of new morphogenetic fields and energetic templates that help embed higher dimensional frequencies into physical reality.

He is founder of The Institute of Divine Potential and designer of a number of healing certifications and protocols supporting multi-dimensional and consciousness upgrades to people’s operating system.

As an Architect he is seeded to change the DNA Blueprint of humanities genetic makeup. He is like an architect for the soul, helping to create the building blocks of potential through the reconstruction of DNA.

He does this through running energy, vibration, sound, light and mathematical codes through your energy field. Thus raising your vibration through activating, organizing and integrating your energetic and physical DNA to it’s highest energy holding potential.

On a macro level he supports the evolution of our species and planet by creating the energetic architecture of The New Earth and the new grid network. This also means actively preparing Leaders of the New Earth, and supporting them for their incarnating mission through embedding the Avatar Operating System into their Architecture.

He does this through activating, speaking, coaching and creating transformational experiences. Christof has worked in 20 countries across the world raising consciousness and improving lives through these experiences, events and ceremonies


Join Christof Melchizedek in an Online Healing Retreat to prepare for the Particle Convergence: Click Here

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