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Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Today's Guest: Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Season 12 ~ Episode 24: You Are ON a Multi-Dimensional Earth

Join us as we discuss how the Gridwork for NEW Earth is inside of each of our bodies and anchored through our fully expanded/Higher Selves/Christed/Crystalline Consciousness, which links up to our own personal Star Gate System, returning the natural ability to each one of us for full Multi-Dimensional Travel and living and existing on NEW Earth Now.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Lisa Transcendence Brown:

- How to get to NEW Earth (anchor Heaven on Earth in the physical here)
- To intentionally collapse old earth Matrix programs & replace then with NEW Earth Crystalline Matrix ones
- The Importance of cellular cleansing for consciously shifting vibrationally to open portals to higher dimensional timelines

Each Dimension of Earth is a different version, is a different vibration, has different alternate physical realities and it's not "one day", it's now. In order to access the higher vibrational planes of existence intentionally (instead of for just a few moments at a time), we first intentionally shift our own vibration, we expand our consciousness out across infinite dimensions from within. Our heart must open fully for this to occur. This relaxes the gridwork of our bodies and allows our mind to relax and open too. Our Light cells are then signaled to start to move, shake and spin so that our own consciousness (energy) can move and flow freely to access multiple dimensions from our physical one here.

This expansion often brings heat, fuzzy brain, brings forth a "high", gravity can shift and we can experience a euphoria that can be addictive, because it's activating our LightBody/Soul and the bliss state of NEW Earth. This "high" allows us to "leave" the current physical dimension temporarily, activates our dream state, activates cellular cleansing of old unconscious programs and assists us with SEEING the physical reality differently. At first, it's just a connected state where we see and understand more, yet every time we expand our consciousness from inside, we activate our Crystalline LightBody to vibrate at a different frequency so that we can FEEL the higher dimensions throughout our bodies and see them holographically too.

This process shows us that NEW Earth is real and then the "how to get there" ensues. It also challenges our little/limited/fixed mentality human to believe in what isn't tangible yet. It doesn't matter, for our Spirit/SOUL has awakened inside and it's here to integrate into our BEing and physical bodies.... so that we can WALK on NEW Earth and EXPERIENCE higher dimensional realities ALL OF THE TIME.... and this part of the process requires our own full consciousness and Mastery through the APPLICATION of different navigational and integration tools that open us up more to alchemy, our natural gifts, powers and abilities to intentionally anchor NEW EARTH from within, so that it's where we EXIST, FUNCTION FROM and LIVE.

The activation of our higher dimensional DNA/Crystalline/Christed/Unity Consciousness gives us the ability to physically ascend and hold the higher vibrational realities in place, from a space of LOVE so pure that transcends all things human. It moves us out of limited dimensions of suppression/oppression and into a deeply Sacred Existence of Pure Divine Essence, Peace, Bliss, Magic and Freedom again. It collapses the old Matrix programs easily and replaces all with a new Crystalline Matrix that operates much differently than we ever realized possible. Our physical bodies and energy field of super consciousness must constantly tune, synchronize, re-calibrate and merge.

This process dissolves the old, so that all "new" (higher vibrational dimensional timelines) can materialize for us. NEW Earth is all around us when we raise our vibration intentionally and HOLD IT from within, when we look for it and expect to experience/see it, (subtle at first, almost too simple), when we are READY to choose to intentionally shift, release/clear all unconscious programming from our cellular memory and embrace a whole new existence of unity from within. We are the ones that must identify which vibrational aspect we are being, which dimension "that" represents, understand why we CREATED that to start with, why we keep needing to experience "that" to clear all of that energy we hold within, which timeline we are experiencing and we have to intentionally choose to do whatever it takes AS LOVE to anchor our own highest vibrational realities into our physical here. This is a part of our Service for all of humanity here.

This is a process that each one of us Master through our everyday experiences and all that we do/allow. Each phase will shift us into a different space and the "rules" change constantly, because they align on a Soul Level, not a human one. The constant is inner-connected Pure Love and our NEW (Earth) REALities are birthed from here. Our power, abilities and all of our inner dreams and desires materialize through what we actually do/allow and how we choose to do it. Conscious or unconscious... The vibrational version of Earth WE experience is dictated by the version of us that holds the most power, the one that is PRESENT and acting/BEing vibrationally. REALities are vibrational transmissions that take physical matter form as a response.... NEW Earth is vibrant, alive and magical and it's here, all around us as each of us are truly ready to vibrate onto/into it with our whole body/being/presence/essence and experience it fully again. As each is ready to "leave" Old Earth inside, NEW Earth will materialize/arrive.

About Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc., is a globally recognized WayShower, Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Coach, New Earth Physical Ascension & Empowerment Guide assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within. As an embodied Ascended Master & Ancient Key-Code-Holder, she brings forth higher consciousness wisdom and knowledge to assist all ready to embrace their own Quantum Existence now. She empowers you to embrace your own magical journey to JUMP into the next phase and to transcend the old human limits once believed as true.As a highly respected visionary and sage, she is regarded as an expert on the Crystalline LightBody, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Energy Mastery. She shares from her own experiences and works through the unified field as love with a focus on transformation and expansion beyond one’s current physical reality. All of her works are Light Encoded to activate and raise the vibrational frequency of those who receive.​​She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of two world-renowned books: “Awakening to Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness” and “Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Books” with several more on the way!

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