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Adena Devi on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Adena Tryon

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Season 13 - Episode 2: Stella Maris Speaks: Light Messages from the Dolphins

Discover the presence of Stella Maris, dolphin light messengers who are here to offer wisdom and support for the creation of a new world. Stella Maris shares first that they are our ancient family and guardians who have always been here to support us. They highlight a longstanding partnership between humans and dolphins that extends beyond our time together on earth. As keepers of unity consciousness, Stella Maris activates this same remembrance in you, activating your divinity and helping you to integrate more of your true and Higher Self. They share that your healing is vital first step for global change because igniting your joy and living your most beautiful life is one of the most powerful ways you can contribution to world healing.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Adena Tryon and learn about Stella Maris:

The name Stella Maris means "Starlights of the Sea" and signifies their identity as starlight beings in service to the Divine Mother of all life. They share their pod name and individual names so you can easily call on them in any moment for guidance. Each dolphin offers unique gifts and healing. Stella Maris speaks of the Beauty Way, a divine feminine way of life that anchors new consciousness on earth that they are here to return and teach.

One of Stella Maris' gifts is the clearing of your quantum human abilities and extra-sensory perception so you can access the incredible power of your Higher Self and receive the direct support of your guides and angels. Stella Maris advocates for all children, especially the newest generations of light workers. They highlight the importance of healing your own inner children and share that child power is the force that will create new world realities and ignite your most joyful life.

Stella Maris is interested in uniting light workers around the world for our great mission - healing Gaia Earth. They call us "light activators" who together will awaken consciousness through the power of our imagination, light, joy, and love.

Join Adena and Stella Maris for a live guided activation. Experience the gifts of these extraordinary dolphin light beings!

About Adena Tryon

Adena is a divine feminine teacher, healer, water ceremonialist, and modern day priestess who embraces the Beauty Way.

After 17 years of serving clients as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she created her own intuitive approach to guiding others. Adena has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, is a graduate of Feminine Power Mastery, a Certified SoulCollage™ Facilitator, and is a Certified Angel Card Reader.

She writes about her adventures and inspirations in her Live the Beauty Way™ blog.

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