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Catherine Rosenbaum on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Catherine Rosenbaum

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Season 13 - Episode 25: You Are Re-Written in the Stars

We have been eclipsed. Fractal time has bent and we are on a new playing field of balancing ourselves in a sea of chaos. Earth, is a planet of 2 sides, black and white, shadow and light; duality at its best. Our job is waking up the quantum giant with-in you! There’s a field of Unity in neutrality and calm. Catherine was born a “Lunar Being” called a REFLECTOR. When you sit with a REFLECTOR in a session: they reflect back to us the deep, and often hidden, intimate (jeweled) facets of ourselves. She is a gifted teacher, guide thru time, a true empath, lover of the stars, and brings clarity, healing, humor, and safety back into the game of life in these times.

She will give a psychic weather report and speak about what’s up in the stars towards the end of this year.


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About Catherine Rosenbaum

Catherine Rosenbaum is a gifted teacher, Quantum Astrologer, healer, revealer, visionary, rebirther, a sensitive, empath, artist and Heinz 57 lunar being. Catherine has been an Astrology lover since a teen and has been communicating with our Cosmic family for many lifetimes. She easily reads your fields of uniqueness thru these designs/fields of expression called YOU! She has clients around the globe and has been on numerous radio programs; teaches classes and has been featured on cable T.V -Catherine has had an eclectic life meeting and often traveling with great Masters including Ramtha, Mafu. The Emissary, The Mother, Guru Maya, and continues to work with her angels and guides and the new light beings from the future waiting to assist us in project” HEAVEN ON EARTH “ ; Catherine is living in Sarasota, Florida, recently awakened by the solar winds and neutrino fields of Irma; lol…. and supporting the larger community with service and great love for our unwritten new times! Let’s play!

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