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Gene Ang

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Show Guest: Gene Ang

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Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Transmissions & Intergalactic Frequencies
Arcturian Healing Frequencies are brought forth by Gene Ang, a Neurobiologist PhD from Yale, who has turned his attention to spirituality and to the use of subtle energy in healing the body. Gene shares his latest transmissions and interactions with the Intergalactics during his recent trip to Mt. Shasta, and he shares their frequency with us. Each person will receive a download of this energy that you can unpack and decode to assist you in stepping fully into your Mission and Purpose.

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Most of Gene’s work centers around the use of subtle energy to help align the subtle energy body, its channels, meridians, and energy centers to help restore balance and harmony so that healing can occur whether it be physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual.

Gene does not see himself as the healer but simply as part of the interconnectedness that occurs when facilitator, client, and Source/Love/God interact to bring healing forth. He sees his teaching engagements and seminars as an extension of this interaction that occurs on multiple dimensions to bring wholeness and understanding to all involved.

Gene has also been in contact with the Arcturians who have brought forth the Arcturian Healing Method.

About Gene Ang

Gene Ang, Ph.D. has a healing practice based in Westlake Village, California and sees clients utilizing a number of healing modalities including Pranic Healing, Reconnective Healing, the Reconnection, Shamanic Healing, and Vortex Healing. In addition, he teaches a number of seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality, and healing. He travels around the United States facilitating healing sessions and workshops.

He was formally trained as a Neurobiologist at Yale University where he earned his doctorate in basic mechanisms of how the brain develops followed by a post-doctoral fellowship on how ultrasound can affect the developing cerebral cortex. After his post-doctoral fellowship, Gene decided to step into the role of a facilitator of healing in order to directly interact with helping people.

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Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Transmissions: Activating the Jewel Body With Love

The Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba transmissions are meant to activate your 5 vehicles of consciousness with love. This activates and coordinates your consciousness to receive light and information from higher worlds and muliti-dimensional planes of reality and existence. The Mer-Ka-Ba is known as a vehicle of consciousness or chariot which can allow the spiritual practitioner the ability to journey into the other planes of existence. Mer means love. Ka means the etheric body (pranic body). Ba means the astral body. When the etheric body and astral body are infused with Love from the Divine then the person can travel in the inner worlds.

This series of 3 transmissions will utilize a special Arcturian Blue and Purple Sapphire Jewel that will be energetically encoded into each participants heart area. This Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Jewel will then infuse all 5 consciousness vehicles (physical, etheric, astral, causal, and spiritual) with Divine Love. After completion of the 3 transmissions, participants will have greater capacity to travel in the inner world, hear the inner voice from their Higher Self, connect more strongly with Higher Beings and their Guides, and receive packed information (downloads and uploads) communicated between themselves and spiritual beings. In addition, participants will develop their compassion and desire and ability for selfless service for all sentient beings.

Transmission 1 (day 1): Encodes the Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Jewel in your heart and begins the process of love infusion into the physical and etheric body.

Transmission 2 (day 2): Further activation of the light infusion into the astral and causal bodies.

Transmission 3 (day 3): Complete activation of the spiritual body and coordination among all five bodies with inner world flight and communication.

Each day of the on-line healing retreat will consist of use of the Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to prepare the subtle bodies to receive the transmission, the transmission itself, followed by Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to integrate the transmission. There will be time for questions, answers, and discussion after each energy session.

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