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Show Guest: Grace Solaris

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Season 13 - Episode 22: The Soul Merging process
- an inevitable part of restoring divine union within and returning HOME to our divine self and true essence..
Accepting and embracing ourself in our human-ness as well as our multidimensionality includes not only healing and re-claiming parts of us, that we have rejected and abandoned, because of childhood trauma, but also includes incorporating aspects of self from higher realms/dimensions/realities such as the ascended masters realm, angelic or devic realms thru integrating our soul´s essence, which consists of our complete soul signature, our divine ancestry, galactic and angelic lineages imprints.

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Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

  1. The necessity to integrate both lower vibrational human shadow aspects and higher vibrational divine light aspects of self to return to our Oneness
  2. The stripping off of our story and I-dentity to give way for our I Am Presence
  3. You are already heal, you are already whole. You are already One. (There is nothing about you that isn´t divine.
  4. A Light Tranmission from Kathumi

A Message from Grace Solaris

Accepting and embracing ourself in our human-ness as well as our multidimensionality includes not only healing and re-claiming parts of us, that we have rejected and abandoned, because of childhood trauma, but also includes incorporating aspects of self from higher realms/dimensions/realities such as the ascended masters realm, angelic or devic realms or planetary/star sectors thru integrating our soul´s essence, which consists of our complete soul signature, our divine ancestry, galactic and angelic lineages imprints. We are much more than our “limited” self, the personality, that we created our “story” for this incarnation around.

To understand the full scope of this, we also need to understand, that everything is connected with everything.

Our galactic and angelic family knows and is taking advantage of this, as they are serving from a different realm and are not currently in the earth plane. To fullfill their divine purpose to serve and assist humanity and the greater plan either as ascended master, angels or galactic beings or collectives of higher consciousness,

The Masters, angels and higher beings of light can split up their consciousness in many beings (humans) and can serve thru those beings, who will then embody their different divine attributes, rays of light, solar or light encodings from different planetary systems or angelic realms etc. And they do so very deliberately (very smart) to spread their energy and wisdom across the planet and have a greater impact.... basically to reach more people.

Currently there are numerous human beings on earth that for example embody divine aspects of Mary Magdalen, I myself am one. So when more people claim to be an aspect of Mary Magdalen, this is by all means possible and wanted. I asked Octaviana of Alcyone, a higher aspect of me, a questions about this, because I have noticed in the spiritual community, that some persons get really protective and start validating themselves to “prove” themselves as being the only one and true aspect of some being or master, when they become aware, that others claim to be an aspect of the “same” being or master. I found her answer so perfect.

Ocataviana said.: If someone would tell you and claim also to be an aspect of me, say..  “yes there are indeed infinite me´s, I am honored and I greet me in all of you”. God/Goddess has infinite expressions, but bottom line it is ONE and the same. Bottomline we come from oneness, so there is nothing that we are not. So it is about integrating everything into our being, accepting this as our truth and divine inheritance.

It has been a vital part of my awakening to my divine self to embrace and integrate (merge with) different aspects of myself, to finally “own” who I truly am, which is indeed infinite. The series of merging processes that I went thru started in 2007, where I merged with a star being from Cassiapeia and during the following years I merged with many lost aspects of my human self (from this and previous incarnations) as well as with members of my oversoul (monad), I merged with aspects of various ascended masters of which I carry strong imprints from other incarnations. Each was a unique and powerful initiation, that catapulted me to my next evolutionary level.

In 2009 I was contacted by the Elohim of Grace (there are many other groups and specific rays of elohim) and went thru months of preparation to finally merge with them, as they told me, that I am originating from this angelic group collective. This was a life changing and deep experience, which also went along with a kundalini awakening. They told me that without them, I am not whole and that without me, they were not whole. They even asked me to drop my christian name to take on the name Grace, which they said, is my divine essence soul signature. You can find more info on this experience on my website.

The last years further ascended masters and star beings have entered my life and asked me to embrace and incorporate aspects of them, as this is something we have contracted on before incarnating to serve on this earth plane and support earth in its ascension and transition into the 5D reality of unity consciousness.

In 2012 I experienced an amazing soul merging with Master Kuthumi where he actually appeared in front of me using the vessel of my twin, (he literally took over his body and appeared in front of my eyes) Due to the high energy and the massive download I was receiving,

I experienced what it means to be all-knowing and expanded into omnipresent god consciousness. What I received of information couldn´t have been contained in a 10 band book series. It was massive. My body shook uncontrollably and I was experiencing purest of bliss. There were no desires, no questions.... only the feeling of HOME of being absolute pure god consciousness. I could have stayed in this state forever. I had also experienced states of Samadhi after my awakening, so I was not knew to this state of being.

So there is no contradiction whatsowever in embodying many different beings, as these are all part of the source from which we originate. We will not consciously be aware of each aspects, but those who serve and support us in living our purpose and fulfilling our soul plan at this part of our evoltion will appear and make themselves available and noticeable and “claim” to be incorporated into our being.

When we have stepped back and completely let go of our “story”, which includes a laying down of our shields (the energetic structure, that hold us in 3D linearity), our I Am Presence can take over “command” of our sacred vessel as instruments of divine will, which is an honoring of who we truly are, our divine origin and the greater plan of all-that-is. It is a returning to our “home bandwidth frequency” of divine ecstacy, which is an utterly expanded state and space to be in.

We discover that we are already perfect as we are, there is nothing to fix, transform or heal, we are all we ever looked for or yearned for on the external in our search to feel complete and One and loved as who we truly are. We realise that it is all within and that everything that is reflected on and showing up on the outside is only a reflection of what is already “at hand” within, but we need to reclaim it and accept it to incorporate and embody it completely.

And this is where the higher aspects of us are coming to our assistence, only to show us and point to the fact, that they are no different to us, they are not separate from us, but truly we are one (already). They do not want us to worship them as something separate from our self, as something better or more divine than our self, they are us, and we are them. Something, that our mind has difficulties in comprehending other than as a concept.

When we commit ourself to fully let go and surrender to all these aspects of self, whether it be lower shadow human aspects or higher light aspects of self, we return home, we arrive in the heart of hearts, in our sacred heart, the vast and infinite source of love, the omnipresence omnipotent quantum field of all-that-is, that we are. I offer name/vibration readings, where you are given information about which aspects of self, that will support you in realising and embracing your divine self, which divine imprints of ascended masters, higher beings of light or angelics, that you carry imprinting of, that calls to be integrated into your being right now to support your awakening and expansion into ONE.

The rite of using a name vibration is an ancient tool to empowerment and awakening, something used in many cultures, various native tribes, different religious and spiritual traditions around the world since the beginning of time. If you are contacted and feeling the presence of a certain angel or ascended master or star being do not feel embarassed, do not hesistate to open yourself to this particular aspect of self. It is not something, that you imagine. Trust your sacred heart. It has come to you as a gift of empowerment.

I know for myself how challenging it can be to accept and embrace….. especially higher dimensional aspects of self…. ego is right there to put you down, and make a fool of you! Do not buy into that, or you are making this up, who do you think you are.... etc.

The powerful overlighting presence of angels or higher beings of light cannot be fabricated, when tears of recognition roll down your face, they come from a deep remembrance in you of who you truly are. It is like a lost family member or friend reappearing and returning to you… a resurrection of parts of self.  Embrace its gift of love, trust even if ego calls you a “nut”… your heart knows and feels the truth of who you are and the feeling of home.

Especially at this last phase of ascension and the incorporation of our I Am Presence, we are called and urged to embrace ourself in our totality as the multidimensional beings of light that we truly are. It is the coronation of this ascension journey into divine unity and onenes.

Welcome home.

About Grace Solaris

Angelic Grace Solaris, Grace of the Sun, is the voice and channel of the divine feminine and the Cosmic Council, light conduit, intuitive, spiritual coach, inspirational writer, ascension guide and angelic ambassador of the Golden Aquarian Age. It is her greatest joy, divine purpose and planetary mission to assist you in discovering the miracle within and guide you home to your naturel state of Living Joy and re-connect to your Divine Self. “Ye shall do greater things….” was imprinted in her heart from early age by her main spirit guide beloved Jeshua and this found deep resonance in her heart and urged her to start her spiritual path and search for God from early age.

Grace Solaris doesn´t call herself a spiritual teacher or healer, though many refer to her as such. She has no techniques, no doctrines, no healing methods as such, as she is convinced, that no one can truly teach, heal or awaken another but only be instrumental in the healing and awakening of others. There is only one teacher, one healer, one guru and that is the divine intellegence of love, of pure god consciousness, that flows thru and permeate all beings and all living things. So when we awaken, we only re-member our awakened state of being. When we heal, we only re-discover our innate wholeness (holyness) and oneness with all-that-is. She has devoted her life to being a conduit and example of the living christ in embodiment to assist humanity on its transition into the new golden age, the age of aquarius and an instrument for the divine feminine.

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