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Michelle Castos on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Michelle Casto

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Season 13 Episode 10: Activate Your Light Body For ‘Ultimate Abundance’

Prepare to Shift at the core level. Dr. Michelle created Quantum Success Energetics from two decades of working with clients from all over the world. QSE is a “Transformational Technology” that energetically upgrades your POS (Personal Operating System) so you can create more with less time, effort and energy. During this call you will release hidden subconscious barriers and receive a light body clearing, so you can ‘Rock Your Destiny’ and enjoy “Ultimate Abundance.”

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Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

1. A quick and easy way to get into Divine Alignment so you are truly harnessing the eternal power and wisdom of the Truth WHITE LIGHT of Creator/Infinite Intelligence.

2.How to permanently release and clear old beliefs that hold you back from success, and then how to install a new and upgraded Personal Operating System.

3. Learn how conscious creation and LOA teachings are outdated, why they are “hit or miss” and what the new, evolutionary model of Creating from the Heart is all about---and how you Can Literally “Go Quantum” at lightspeed!

About Michelle Casto

Dr. Michelle Casto is a best-selling author, International Success and Purpose Coach, and Quantum Energy Healer whose mission it is to empower awakening people to discover and live their greatest Destiny. From an early age, she possessed an insatiable drive to reach her highest potential and understand her unique mission in the world.

Her decades-long spiritual and personal development journey garnered Michelle a large toolbox to aid her clients in quickly releasing subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. As a result of professional training in healing modalities such as Light Body Healing, Theta Healing & Matrix Energetics, as well as cultivating her own innate healing gifts, Michelle was led to bring forth 'Quantum Success Energetics', a unique transformational technology blending human potential psychology, divine guidance, energy healing, and success coaching.

With laser sharp intuition and a loving heart transmission, Michelle helps her clients access the self-love, courage and confidence essential to creating life on purpose and with the highest consciousness. “Dr. Michelle” focuses on core issues and expertly reveals where you may be deceiving yourself and buying into illusions or outdated belief systems to set your Soul free to Succeed.

A natural born empath, clients report profound shifts of consciousness and real world results that are nothing short of miraculous.

You can receive inspiration and guidance through her books and private practice sessions. Her latest book is The Destiny Discovery: Find your soul's path to Success. Visit www.CoachMichelleCasto.com to join her community of abundant change agents.

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