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Zoe Davenport on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Zoe Davenport

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Season 13 - Episode 11: Crystalline Expansion - Explore and create from multiple dimensions and timelines

This is the time - this is the NOW - this is the potential that you have been looking for - yarning for deep within your being. The BE-ING in JOY, the ability to love, the ability to play, the ability to show up 100% authentically you. Trusting you are enough - yes YOU - your wonderful beautiful divine light is enough and so needed at this time of great awakening potential.

Join us as we move through a wonderful crystalline sound activation and downloaded light codes to embody multi-dimensional living, jump timelines, collapse timelines and align to your greatest potential through grace, love, joy, play and ease.

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About Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport is a channel, master ascension guide and crystalline grid activator. Her multi-dimensional connection helps to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension path

Your current reality holds the potential vibration for you to ascend into ascension mastery. Zoe assists you to master your pure creative potential by guiding you through your ascension awakening in order to gain access to all that you set out to achieve in this incarnation. 

Every aspect of her work is dedicated to help you achieve an accelerated ascension timeline by accessing your creative potential of Ascension Mastery through heart opening — healing and shedding lifetimes of stagnation. You will align with abundance; abundance of Love, connection, collaboration, co-creation, harmony, success, happiness, peace and the desire to step forward into the new paradigm.

Zoe has been called to work with the paradigm game changers of existence right now — to hold the space needed for those called to step up and become the way showers paving the way for mass global awakening through breaking free for their perceived limitations and karmic moulds.

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