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Healing Conversations

Krista Raisa

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Today's Guest: Krista Raisa

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Season 14 Episode 7: The Return of Orion Council: Starseed Guidance

Experience the latest channelings from the Orion Council who offer guidance for starseeds. Krista Raisa is a millennial galactic faery who works as a channel, teacher, healer and artist. She delivers Ascension messages from the loving Orion Council amphibious E.T.s and helps starseeds release terror, understand their abilities, fulfill their missions and connect.

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Listen to Krista's 1st Quantum Conversation:

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Krista Raisa and learn about...

1. How to process fear and share your starseeded gifts with the world
2. What kinds of magic tools you can use to tune into yourself (e.g. oracle cards, crystals, minerals)
3. Perspectives on Ascension and Guidance from the Orion Council

About Krista Raisa

Krista Raisa is an accomplished psychic medium, author and artist working for starseed community, womens' independence and freedom of expression. She is an author of several books and her YouTube channel has reached over 1M people. With a multicultural background Krista was raised in New York City, and has lived and studied in Finland. She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona and loves hip hop music.

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