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Quantum Conversations

Matt Andrews

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Show Guest: Matt Andrews

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Season 14 – Episode 2: Stepping into Your Authentic Self with Confidence

Finding Happiness is high on everyone’s list of desires, but most people are following recipes for how they have been educated to attain happiness and it is not working for them. We feel that the only way you will experience the deepest level of happiness is when you allow yourself to be free of the indoctrinations and the “shoulds” and can step into, embrace, and act as, the Authentic Being that you are. Of course, that requires a level of confidence that arises as you no longer allow your fears and doubts to run your life. We are here to help you.

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In this Quantum Conversation with Matt Andrews

1. What is the Authentic Self and how can you access that state of being?

2. Why has trying hard to release your “stuff” and “fix” yourself not worked? And what is a more empowered and efficient way to proceed towards happiness now?

3. Experience a powerfully expansive group Light Language facilitation live on the call that will help you to align with your Authentic Self in a very real way.

A Few Words from Matt

Are you tired of playing the role everyone expects you to play?

Have you had enough of trying hard to please others, only to feel unappreciated?

My friends, the truth is that you will only be really appreciated by others when you can choose to fully appreciate yourself. Appreciate yourself as you are inherently, beyond the costumes, the personas, the roles, finding the authentic You and stepping in to it, with confidence, in a natural and relaxed way. It is just a process of letting go of what you are not, your past, your limiting beliefs, the stuff you have accumulated, let that go and be free to step into your authentic Self and truly be Happy.

Matt and ManTarA facilitate internal energetic transformation that then ripples out into the external world. Rather than focusing on trying to fix problems, we create the energetic space using a very potent channelled Light Language that allows people to align with their authentic true Self and then expand out past their problems, releasing what does not serve them. We love to help people align with the vibrations of safety and self-worth so that they can feel authentically confident to show up as their Self and to relax and enjoy life in a purposeful and authentic way.

About Matt Andrews

Matt comes from a very intellectual, left brained, training as a professional mechanical engineer. However he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

While Matt’s amazingly powerful work with ManTarA is a relatively new phase in this life, it is not an overnight transformation. Through his dedicated and disciplined practice of traditional yoga and meditation over the last 20 years he has purified his energy system, strengthened his awareness and raised his vibrational frequency, which allowed him to reconnect to his higher Self and ManTarA. However he is still a down to earth, well-grounded guy that enjoys a good laugh, and his progressive transformation has unfolded while living, working and raising a family in our modern society

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