Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak
on Healing Conversations

With Bonus Guest Tammy Majchrzak

JJ Hurtak on Healing Conversations
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Enjoy 2 fascinating discussions on Healing Conversations. This free program features JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak who will discuss their seminal work - The Keys of Enoch - The Book of Knowledge.This esoteric manuscript is the best explanation of our universe and cosmic plan.

Also featured is Tammy Majchrzak, founder of Metatronia Therapy. This healing vibration utilises divine light and One Source connection & frequency through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron to which some of the information is disclosed (of sorts) in the teachings of the Keys of Enoch and is very much coming to light. This healing vibration is here now to assist mankind in his light evolutionary process, and assisting you in your ascension process, accessing higher consciousness awareness, experiencing zero-point energy, and working/connection with the Light Body

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Metatronia Therapy - Light Body Connection

Tammy Majchrzak

Online Healing Retreat
Metatronia Therapy & Attunement

with Tammy Majchrzak

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Connect with Lord Metatron in this specialized Online Healing Retreat that will assist you in stepping into your new Divine Body of Light. This 3 part course is 6 hours and includes an Attunement - your passport to higher realms.

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Includes Event Recording for your personal use, plus Download of MP3 Healing Conversation with Drs JJ & Desiree Hurtak, plus a Spiritual Workbook. Includes attunement.

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