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Mystic Almine on Healing Conversations

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Today's Guest: Almine

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The Multidimensional World of Faeries, Orbs and more!
Almine is known as one of the world's great Mystics, a seer and a feeler who is leading us on our journey towards Ascension. Topics include relationships with aliens, orbs hanging around people and seeing interdimensionally. We also discuss a key element of Ascension and how by living in gratitude for one week, you can ascend. Almine shares a story of a couple she knows in Utah who come in and out of higher dimensions regularly.

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This amazing Conversation with Almine discusses:

• Gaining your own persaonl power

• 4 types of toltec naguals - a remnant from Ancient Lemuria

• The Lemurian Language decoded by Almine

• How to quiet the mind when you are cognitively strong

• Physical ascension & stories of real people who've done it

• How to Do Inner Work for the Outer War

• The Future of Planet Earth and Humanity

• Seeing Miralces

You are the ones that change the outer world by changing your inner world. You are the ones that choose to be a cause, rather than an effect. You set the inspiring example as you recognize the wonder of yourself in the reflection of your environment. You know your inner freedom can never be controlled and it shines through to inspire all those around you.

Almine’s spiritual teachings are for living a life of miracles With them you watch the ages flow by in stillness and allow the unfoldment of Infinite Intent to manifest through you. Miracles and syncronicities follow wherever you go.

Almine’s spiritual teachings are to discover your own greatness They have the potential to transform your life into a living work of art and lead you beyond the boundaries of mortality into perpetual rejuvenation, as you re-align yourself with the true nature of Life: Infinite renewal through eternal unfoldment.

day soon recognize this great gift from God.

About Almine

The miraculous life and unprecedented teachings of the mystic Almine has created a growing wave of interest from truth seekers around the world. Drawn to her compassion, many have followed her from continent to continent, only to find that every spiritual retreat she presents has been based on completely new information received directly from Source as life unfolds anew.

Many miracles surround her day by day throughout her extraordinary life, most of it untold, overshadowed by the vast revelations and unparalleled mystical teachings that pour through her in numerous heavenly languages.

Almine’s spiritual retreats represent the cutting edge of mysticism; that place where the physical and the non-physical meet and new realities are born. It is here where change is rapid and insight comes quickly to wash away years of stagnation.

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