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Healing Conversations

Sandra Walter

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Today's Guest: Linda Dillon

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Experience The Divine Mother's Tsuanmi of Love
This show features the Council of Love Channel Linda Dillon, who discusses her healing by Archangel Gabrielle, and includes the Council of Love's Tsunami Meditation to anchor in the waves of love.

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Council of Love Channel Linda Dillon

• The Tsunami of Love - an Energetic Gift from the Divine Mother

• This Energetic Wave of Love is the door opener to Ascension.

• This Tsuanmi of Love comes in 3 parts - the cleansing, penetration and a crest wave moving us into higher octaves

• This is a time for Sacred Union within ourselves

• This love wave makes us bouyant, popping us up to higher dimensions

• "Know the Love the anchors within thee, Receive the Activation and attunement" - Divine Mother via Linda Dillon

Mother’s Tsunami of Love continues to roll through our hearts, leaving the debris of old hurts in its wake. So much is coming to the surface for cleansing, but also to be experienced as joy and freedom. This, we wish to share with everyone who has not yet heard of The Mother’s Gift. And so, in that spirit we have begun reaching out to our brothers and sisters who touch hearts either via radio, television, or on blogs. It’s our way of joining hands in this global effort.

About Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon has consciously served the Company of Heaven, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Divine Mother for 30 years since a near-death experience awakened herto her mission and purpose. That awakening was Linda’s realization that her mission was to be the channel for the Council of Love.

While recovering from injuries, Linda began to meditate, and immediately observed a massive golden orb moving just above her body - toes to head - over and over. With each movement the spinal and head pain was slowly being relieved. That was Linda's introduction to the Divine Mother’s messenger, Archangel Gabrielle. Since those early days, Linda and The Council of Love have been dedicated to spreading and being the vibration of pure love around the planet. And the journey continues into today’s Tsunami of Love.

Linda co-hosts two weekly Internet radio programs, “Hour with an Angel” and “Heavenly Blessings” on BlogTalkRadio.com. She has authored three books: 13th Octave LaHoChi, The Great Awakening, and The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and has logged thousands of channelings. Linda also teaches a variety of energy healing, channeling, creation, ascension and "New You” workshops and webinars throughout the year to a worldwide client base.

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