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Mas Sajady on Healing Conversations

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Today's Guest: Mas Sajady

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Experience 360 Degrees of Abundance
In this Healing Conversation, we'll go deep into how Mas Sajady came to see the energetic "blueprint" of people after his second near-death experience. We'll talk with Mas up close and personal about this episode in his life, when he miraculously escaped drowning by Divine Intervention. Mas also leads us in a Guided Meditation to experience him shifting our Energetic Blueprint involving Money, Abundance and Prosperity.

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Mas Sajady - 360 Degrees of Abundance

• How to break free from the bondage of myths in spirituality, health & wealth

• When it is not your fault and when you are responsible for your life

• What you don’t know about spirituality, and how that hurts you in the physical world

• The key to obtaining liberation from time and space

• The ‘Youth Frequency’ and how to access it to stay forever youthful

• How to be free from the reincarnation cycle

• What is the secret to magnetizing your soul mate

Mas Sajady is a Quantum Healer whose two near-death experiences have given him the ability to see the hologram, or "blueprint", that make up the human body. On a group level, he's able to see imperfections, blockages and stuck energy, and "edit" the program to assist the liberation of this old energy, or outdated "software" program held in our physical bodies. Experience the FEELING of a session with Mas Sajady!

About Mas Sajady

After his second “near death experience” Mas Sajady was given astonishingly healing and intuitive abilities. Connecting to a higher energy field has allowed him to channel and heal through the Pure Source with amazing results. Healings can be for your physical or emotional health, financial or spiritual well-being as well as for relationships of all kinds. Mas does not have the power to heal. However, he is able to allow pure energy from a higher energy field to work through him to heal. Although his abilities have been compared to religious figures, the healings are not religious in anyway but spiritual. Mas works on all faiths and non-faiths.

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