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Mona Delfino

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Today's Guest: Mona Delfino

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Medical Intuitive Mona Delfino joins us to talk about the gateway of the Heart and the messages the body provides us when we are not in alignment with heart-based living. Mona is the author of The Sacred Language of the Human Body, and has been an energy runner and healer for over 30 years. She s explains more on the Cardinal Grand Cross which will continue to affect us thru July, and how our crytalline pituatary gland is activating with every thought that takes us in a new direction. Mona also shares message from Azzora, a 9th Dimensional Being from Pleiades on these current energies.

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Mona Delfino

Connection to and Ascension with the Physical Body

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Every Part of Your Body Is Linked To An Emotion – Learn How Your Body Responds To What You Think and Feel. Mona Delfino will share the most profound reasons why we get sick, why we develop conditions in the body, and what is the actual cause. By knowing this, we are more than capable of reversing it. The phrase, "As Above, So Below" is important to conceive of because the body reflects the "So Below." The "As Above" in life is our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. They are our thought forms that create who we are. The "So Below" is the bodies way of expressing it.

"To me, the greatest challenge has been understanding the illusion of all that we perceive as "reality". Someday when all of us reach the Galactic Stage of development and awarenss, then perhaps all of us will understand the big illusion. Meanwhile, Mona presents you a path that should be exciting and utimately help you reach Enlightenment." ~ Dr. C. Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, Preseident of Holos Institutes of Health

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Mona Delfino

Online Healing Retreat - Self-Healing with Vibrational Energy

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Learn how to understand and use Vibrational healing for mind, body and spiritual health of yourself and others. Medical Intuitive and Vibrational Healer Mona Delfino will show you how to use vibrational energy to heal. “With crystals, I’m going to teach you how to apply energy into a crystal and then how to use it over a physical portion of your body to extract pain. I’ll teach you how to use it in laser form, a real laser form with the energy included,” says Mona. learn more

Mona Delfino

Online Healing Retreat - Your Sacred Soul Connection

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Journey with us in Spirit to Mt. Shasta - home of the Subterranean City known as Telos, for this 5-Hour Video Healing Retreat - Your Sacred Soul Connection. Medical Intuitive Mona Delfino will be sharing Energy Education to Connect to Your True Self. You can watch via online video, or download the MP3 recordings. Experience the energies of Mt Shasta and the Telosians (from Lemuria!) as you learn about your intuition and connect to your true self. learn more Includes Online Video Playback for your own retreat time

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Online Healing Retreat - Birthing a New Inner Child

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This Online Healing Retreat Birthing a New Inner Child with Medical Intuitive and Shaman Mona Delfino will help you Free Yourself from old subconscious programming
. Liberate yourself from your past conditioning and step into your sovereignty and mastery.learn more Includes MP3 Download

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