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Dr Norm Shealy

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Today's Guest: C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Holos Energy Medicine Education

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Dr. C Norm Shealy, is one of the world's leading experts in pain management and he's developed Transcutaneous Acupunture, which uses his Sacred Rings as a Self-Healing method. He was the first physician to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain. A pioneer in developing safe and effective treatments such as Biogenics, Norm founded in 1971 the first comprehensive pain and stress management facility in the country, The Shealy Institute, respected world-wide for its innovative and successful rehabilitation approaches.

Norm’s latest discovery is specific blends of essential oils which can effectively stimulate the circuits which enhance DHEA, oxytocin, calcitonin, and reduce free radicals. The Sacred Rings Self-Healing Method has been labrotory tested with powerful, proof-positive results. "I call these energetic life circuits "sacred"" because they are so remarkably influential in regulating this magnificent temple in which we live," says Dr. Shealy. Listen in today and scroll down for a Special Offer from Dr. Norm Shealy.

Special Offer

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Special Offer from Dr. Norm Shealy

Dr. Norm Shealy

Bliss Oils for Transcutaneous Acupuncture

Full Set of 5 Bliss Oils
All the Bliss Oils in one convenient package.You receive 5 bottles, one for each Bliss – Air, Crystal, Earth, Fire and Water. Each bottle is 1/3 oz.
**Each bottle of Bliss comes with the corresponding set of Ring points and instructions** BONUS this package also includes a digital download of Dr.Shealy's Online Healing Retreat on Transcutaneous Acupunture in MP3 and Slide Show Presentation.

Air Bliss A true perfume with the essences designed to enhance a sense of Bliss. Raises oxytocin levels in most all individuals. Gives you feelings of calmness, relaxed, and detached free of anxiety. Proprietary blend of essential oils

Crystal Bliss is a blend of Essential Oils developed specifically to stimulate the 13 points of The Ring of Crystal. Over a period of two or more weeks daily use reduces FREE RADICALS in the urine by 50% or more! Reducing free radicals may be the single most i mportant health enhancer known!! You can check your own success by measuring urinary free radicals with an Oxi-Data test before starting and after two weeks of DAILY use, preferably twice daily. Start at the foot and progress up to of head.

Earth Bliss raises Calcitonin as well as the Shealy Pain Pro! For pain relief appy to the Ring of Earth points twice daily. Calcitonin is the strongest pain reliever the body makes, 40-60 times stronger than Morphine! Helps to maintain bone integrity. Comes with Ring of Earth Points picture.30 seconds to apply.

Fire Bliss reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines, improves rheumatoid arthritis, Reduces pain in diabetic neuropathy, Improves depression symptoms. The Ring of Fire was Dr. Shealy's first ring discovery, and was the result of asking what he could do beyond natural progesterone cream to assist DHEA restoration. He sensed that electrical stimulation of specific acupuncture points could regulate the entire endocrine system and indeed it does. In hundreds of individuals, DHEA has been enhanced safely and much more!

Water Bliss Electrical stimulation of the Ring of Water normalized aldosterone which helps balance water, potassium and sodium. We also found earlier that electrical activation of the Rings of Fire and Water helped individuals lose weight. The Ring of Water is designed to balance emotions and to contact the Christological heart.


Telomeres are the most critical measurement of health and longevity. Three individuals have had significant regeneration of telomeres using Bliss Oils.

Dr. Norm Shealy

Online Healing Retreat
Transcutaneous Acupuncture

with Dr. Norm Shealy

MP3 and Video Slide Show Presentation
Learn this self-healing technique from the legendary Dr. Norm Shealy, and use it to increase DHEA, oxytocin, calcitonin and more. Dr. Norm will share his 5 Ring Therapies: Ring of Crystal, Ring of Air, Ring of Water, Ring of Fire, Ring of Earth which offer specific tapping points which have been scientifically proven to reduce free radicals, osteoporosis, depression, post-menopausal symptons and much more. Click Here to Learn More

This product is included with the purchase of the Bliss Oils Package.

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I'm a Healer - Get me Certified in the Sacred Rings! $350.00 (includes 50% off Bliss Oils)

Dr. Norm Shealy

Tracutaneous Acupuncture
(Sacred Rings) Certification

with Dr. Norm Shealy

6 Hour Online Certification Course

Video & MP3 download

Certification in Transcutaneous Acupuncture - AcuAroma Activation of the Sacred Rings. This 3-part course features 2 hours each session focusing on the 5 Rings: Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Crystal Become a practitioner and learn how to use this in your Healing Arts practice. Includes Certificate of Completion and 50% discount for Bliss Oils on an on-going basis.

Energetically, in many native cultures, health has been considered the result of the elements of nature. Gradually, over many years of working with thousands of individuals with the widest imaginable problems, Dr. Shealy came to the conclusion that there are 5 major elements critical to health - Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Crystal. Having proven that these circuits have specific biochemical benefits, with improvement in many energetic problems, Dr. Shealy now calls this approach with essential oils Transcutaneous Acupuncture. Interestingly, this term has been much more acceptable than calling it application of essential oils. After all, he began stimulating acupuncture needles with electrical energy in the mid 60’s. Later, without needles, he introduced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, TENS. In fact, Dr. Shealy considers Transcutaneous Acupuncture the most important advance in acupuncture in 4000 years.

YES! I'm a Healer - Certify me in the Sacred Rings! $350.00

No thanks, just give me the Bliss Oil Package from Dr. Shealy plus his Online Healing Retreat - Transcutaneous Acupuncture - only $197 plus s + h

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