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Healing Conversations

Virginia Palmer, PhD

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Today's Guest: Virginia Palmer, PhD

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Lemurian Dreaming Experience in this epsiode!
Unlock the mystery of your dreams and learn to reclaim your mastery as a Lemurian Dream. Viriginia Palmer, who herself is a Lemurian Dreamer, leads us on a journey to blend our energies and then use the Magenta Disk process to consciously create our reality with our dreams.

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Healing With Lemurian Dreaming

We'll learn how this type of dreaming can heal physical issues, help you understand roadblocks to your desires and dreams, and how you can help heal areas of the world by sharing a Global Dream.

Dreams are a way to access your Higher Consciousness and to receive messages, often coded, from your Soul. Dreaming heals and repairs your body and emotions while you are sleeping and re-charging. Night Dreams reveal the greater you.

Do you want to consciously direct your dreams? You can influence your waking life through your Dreams, therefore having the power to create your reality while you are asleep. When you learn to direct your night dreams you will unlock the Magic of Dreams.

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About Virginia Palmer, PhD

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., is Director of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation and President of MV Green Power LLC. Virginia has a BA in Journalism; MA in Counseling Ph.D. in Human Development. She combines 25 years of personal power seminars, transformational trainings and the new dream power series to help you manifest your goals and l ive your dreams with cutting edge techniques and processes.The common thread that runs through Virginia Palmer's work is her commitment to inspire and empower people to live richer, more successful lives in a happier, balanced and more sustainable environment.

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