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Mas Sajady on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversation #3 with Mas Sajady

Quantum Healing Energy Session to Empower YOU for 2015!
Quantum Healing Energy Session to Empower YOU for 2015! In this Healing Conversation, we'll experience a Quantum Healing Sesison with Mas Sajady, who developed the ability to see and correct the energetic "blueprint" of people following his second near-death experience. We'll talk with Mas up close and personal about this episode in his life, when he miraculously escaped drowning by Divine Intervention. Mas assists us in removing distortions and old belief systems that keep us from our dreams and passions. Get ready for a jumpstart to 2015 with this attunement.

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Bruce Lipton on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief
Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, says you CAN change your DNA and he confirms the work of many spiritual teachers. He lectures to conventional and complementary medical professionals and lay audiences about leading-edge science and how it dovetails with mind-body medicine and spiritual principles. He has been heartened by anecdotal reports from hundreds of former audience members who have improved their spiritual, physical and mental well being by applying the principles he discusses in his lectures. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology

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SanRa on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations #1 & 2 with SanRa

A Message from The Tibetan Master Djwal Khul on Ascension
Sanra is a channel for the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul and in this Healing Conversation we learn about his own ascension and the process for all. Djwal Khul shares his energy with you on this call and shows you how to tap into it again!

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Dr Suzanne Lie on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversation with Suzanne Lie

The Inner Pathway to Ascension- Complimentary Online Healing Retreat
Dr. Suzanne Lie is a Channel and Scribe for the Arcturians who share their guidance on Higher Consciousness. This Episode was the 5th and Final Part in the Series: The Inner Pathway to Ascension, a 5th Dimensional course with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions.

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Anrita Melchizedek on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Anrita Melchizedek

Experience an Activation on the Codings of Light for Telepathic Communication
Anrita Melchizedek with the Pleiadian and Melchizedek Light Network joins us in the Healing Conversation where we experience a download of Key Codes of Light that link you into the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Light. This show activates you via the Illumined Beings of Light to enhance your telepathic communication and ESP. You will also activate your pinael gland and travel through grids of Divine Light in your Merkaba. These are energetic tools to assist you in looking through your Master Eyes!

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Clayton Nolte on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversation with Clayton Nolte

Structured Water for Higher Consciousness
Clayton Nolte has been researching ways to mimic nature, and now he's discovered a simple way to erase the memory of water. "Water is Multidimensional," says Clayton, and by adding vortices to the movement of water, it restores it to it's natural state. Scroll down to listen to the amazing insight from Clayton Nolte!

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Tammy Majchrzak on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversation with Tammy Majchrzak

Experience the High Vibrations of Metatron's Energy!
Experience the High Vibrations of Metatron's Energy! This show with Metatronia Therapy Founder Tammy Majchrzak offers an incredible process to tap you into Metatron's Energy thru Zero Point. Connect with Archangel Metatron's Energy This energy requires to be felt to be experienced. This energy is sacred and of the highest order. It is brought to mankind now to assist in many areas. From a healing perspective it brings great healing to all aspects and all facets of the human vessel, covering physical, mental, emotional, pain body and celestial/lightbody. It is accelerated ascension.

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William Linville on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with William Linville

A Remarkable Story of a Walk-In Soul
William Linville is a walk-in who shares his remarkable story with us! He says, "This is a unique time, a whole new paradigm, and a whole new level of light-beingness and vibrancy, where physical and material form is constantly metamorphosizing, metastasizing and changing over its own vibratorial levels to work, function and play in a whole different array of unfoldments via all the changes happening within and for you, and around you, to let yourself begin to become accessible and the receiver of all of creation and of yourself; the rest of the levels of yourself that are now igniting, becoming unveiled and coming to life."

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Lisa Transcendence on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Lisa Transcendence Brown

BE-coming the Shift in Consciousness by Anchoring in the Higher Dimensions
The Shift in Consciousness begins with each of us becoming aware of our vibrational frequencies in every moment. Each reality in other dimensions exists based on our frequency and we vibrate in and out of 3D and 5D dimensions accordingly. Lisa shares her story of how she is able to raise her vibration and walk in higher realms, and her awareness in every moment allows her to see the Unified Field or Parallel realities. You'll hear how you, too, can access this realm, and learn how to make peace with the outer world, by tending to your inner world.

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Bill Farber on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Bill Farber

Get Activated with an Energy Wave Alignment
Experience the Energy Wave Alignment with Bill Farber who is guided by an off-planet Sage. Bill has the ability to generate a profound state of peace and silence within t he body and nervous system of the client, thus automatically creating a higher state of alignment in which the client’s own natural healing powers are accessed and amplified.

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Jim Selfr on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Jim Self

Experience a process to get you in a POWERFUL State-of-Being to deal with all adversity that may arise during this Great Shift of the Ages.
Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy shares incredible insight in how we overcome adversity and environmental issues by creating a state-of-being from higher vibrational emotions. This is an inspiring Healing Conversation which reveals exactly what happened during the Shift of 2012 and what we can expect in the coming years.

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KaseyBrad on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with KaseyBrad

The High-Energy Group JULIUS says WE are the GODS who Have Forgotten Ourselves
This Show is a Message and Reminder to BE The Highest Vibration of Love and release all Victim-hood, Blame, Judgment, etc, so the Higher Frequencies of the Cosmos can come thru and change our molecular strucure, assisting us in creating Miracles! JULIUS is a High-Energy Group Channelled by Kasey and Brad Willis. Listen to their remarkable story of how they came to Channel Julius and receive a beautiful transmission that shares how to Manifest and Accept Yourself as a Powerful Being!

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Brian Besco on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Brian Besco

Tensor and Torsion Field Technology
Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. Its output is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings coherency to chaos, and it produces a measureable gravitational effect. Enjoy 2 Healing Conversations in this special video with Brian Besco below and learn what Tensor and Torsion fields are and how we can use them to raise our vibration and consciousness on Earth! Tensor rings are based on ancient technology found in the Great Pyrimid and King Soloman's Temple.

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Joanne Justis on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Joanne Justis

Unlock Your Full Potential and Invest in Yourself by Discovering Your God Code
Get ready to transform your life from where you are to what you desire by discovering your God Code/Blueprint or character analysis – Your first step on your personal development journey in living a happier, more successful and fulfilling life = self-discovery.

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Dr. Norm Shealy on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Dr. Norm Shealy

Telomere Regeneration with Bliss Oils & Sacred Rings
Norm’s latest discovery is specific blends of essential oils which can effectively stimulate the circuits which enhance DHEA, oxytocin, calcitonin, and reduce free radicals. The Sacred Rings Self-Healing Method has been labrotory tested with powerful, proof-positive results. "I call these energetic life circuits "sacred"" because they are so remarkably influential in regulating this magnificent temple in which we live," says Dr. Shealy. Listen in today and scroll down for a Special Offer from Dr. Norm Shealy. (2014)

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Almine on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Almine

The Multidimensional World of Faeries, Orbs and more!
Almine is known as one of the world's great Mystics, a seer and a feeler who is leading us on our journey towards Ascension. Topics include relationships with aliens, orbs hanging around people and seeing interdimensionally. We also discuss a key element of Ascension and how by living in gratitude for one week, you can ascend. Almine shares a story of a couple she knows in Utah who come in and out of higher dimensions regularly. (2014)

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Danielle Rama Hoffman on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Danielle Rama Hoffman

Divine Transmissions from the Council of Light
Experience the Council of Light, a group of Intergalactic Beings of Light from across the Multiverse who's main mission is to assist humanity in living in Joy. This Healing Conversation with Danielle also includes a meditation that will allow you to experience a few of the Rays and their ability to assist you in Manifesting the deepest desires of your soul.

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Hope Fitzgerald on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Hope Fitzgerald

Altering Reality with the Infinity Wave!
Change your reality with The Infinity Wave channeled forth thru Hope Fitzgerald. This is a 10th dimensional frequency of Pure Love, Pure Consciousness that will allow you to transmute and transcend lower vibrations quickly!

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John Dumas on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with John Dumas

Shamanic Journey into Dreamtime
John Dumas is an international artist, musician, shamanic astrologer, inspirational teacher, and pioneer in sound healing. John's shamanic background in studying indigenous cultures and world travel to many sacred sites has culminated in a rich variety of workshops and private healing sessions. Night sky teaching under the stars, shamanic journey into dreamtime (an experiential interactive sound therapy that facilitates the healing of our mind, body & spirit), shamanic astrology, flute and digeridoo making and playing, are among some of the many teachings that John offers.

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Kimba Arem on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Kimba Arem

Music as Medicine ~ Sound Therapy Concert
Kimba Arem shares her personal story of how she got involved with Sound Therapy and demostrates her favorite Sound Healing Instruments (including a Crystal Didjeridu) that have synchronistically found their way into her life. Watch this Video Healing Conversation and experience the VIBRATIONAL SOUNDS OF HEALING!

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Kahuna Kalei on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Kahuna Kalei

Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom from the Keeper of Lemurian Truths
Kahuna Kaleiiliahi is a Spiritual Intuitive/Healer, a Wisdom Keeper, a Visionary Artist, a Seer, Medium, Metaphysician, Keeper of Lemurian Truths, and Channel for some of the most beautiful Holy Beings,to name some of the blessings she carries from her grand lineage.

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Raqeul Spencer on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with RAquel Spencer

Join RAquel for an energy transmission of Light.
Completely guided by Spirit and in the Now moment, each is designed to help you integrate Light as information, knowledge and wisdom. This transmission is truly a tune up for your Light Body. As you increase your Light quotient, your matrix requires upgrades to properly integrate the Light information and codes. Your body is a bio-electrical computer and it needs maintenance to keep it functioning at its optimum level. ​

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Mashhur Anam on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Mashhur Anam

Experience Holographic Programs to Align with Divine Energy
Holographic Programs construct a new algorithm for your Source Code to Create a new reality. This Healing Conversation with Mashhur Anam xplains what Holograms are, and how we can practice changing our hologram for our deepest desires. You'll experience several powerful Holographic Programs for Abundance as Mashhur guides you to cleanse the chakras, and connect with your own holographic vision board. This includes an etheric download of golden codes of light into your personal energy field, through your cells, DNA, thoughts and feelings.

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Jean Slattor on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Jean Slatter

You’re Only One Step Away From a Deep Connection to Your Angels and Spirit
In this special Video Presentation with Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens, you'll learn how simple it is hire a full team of angels for literally ANY task you wish to acheive, be it financial freedom, help finding lost items, finding an angelic marketer for your business, you name it. Tune in to this Healing Conversation with Jean Slatter and learn how to Hire The Heavens!

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Victor Da Ponte on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Victor Da Ponte

Unlocking Your Infinite Love Potential and Manifesting Your Dreams
HAVE YOU ACHIEVED ALL THAT YOU DESIRE, OR HAS YOUR ABUNDANCE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH OR SUCCESS BEEN BLOCKED? Welcome to a real world beyond lack and limitation where unlimited possibilities await you! Experience a Quantum Reprogramming session in this Healing Conversation!

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Karinna Nelson on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Karinna Nielson

Lemurian Shamanic Astrology and Healing
Take astrology to a new level for the New Age! This unique form of astrology uses a unique and easy-to-understand archetypal approach, offering you tools to discover and explore your soul's journey, including your relationships, right livelihood, and how you can consciously create a life adventure that is joyful and in alignment with your original life intent. It includes discovering your past life lineage, as well as the tools and talents you have brought with you into this lifetime to assist you in reaching your life goals.

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Dawn Clark on Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations with Dawn Clark

Experience a Guided Visualization to Unlock Your Potential
Dawn Clark's several near-death experiences (NDEs) gave her the inside knowledge on the Master Codes within each person, and the frequency signatures that restore Life Force within all. Dawn shares her remarkable story and leads us on a Guided Visualization to View your Full Potential! You are a MASTER!

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Healing Retreats Archive

Online Healing Retreats to Rejevenate Your Spirit

Enjoy the Online Healing Retreats in 2015 which are two-hour online programs (webinars) which feature spiritual teachers and healers who've appeared on Healing Conversations. These are in-depth programs that share ancient and off-planet knowledge of Healing Modalities, Meditation techniques and more!

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Welcome to the Archives of Healing Conversations

Guests on Healing Conversations - Click on Any Link Below to Listen to the Show


"Hi Lauren! I just listened your interview with Victoria Liljenquist and I want to thank you too for your great work. Your voice is profound and healing too, just beautiful..."
- RenaTa from Switzerland

"Dear Lauren, I have been listening to your Healing Conversations period for some time now. Your presence is so sweet and so affirming and i have enjoyed not only your guests and their gifts of love, but also your clarifications and searching comments. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for Spirit and Spirit seekers.
- Rene

"Oh Lauren...you beautiful embodiment of love, light and empowerment...thankyou so much!! I was thrilled to the core to register your connection with sandra walters...her presence is a gift to the planet..and her course..a true way sharing discovery. Thankyou for bringing together such a collective oratory of the human conscious expression...deep deeep gratitude!
- Lynne

"Thank you so much for bringing us these messengers of light and special offers! You are doing a Fantastic job of finding these very special healers. I had been a fan of Raquel Spencer and had her album before, but acoustically your interview is the acoustically richest of all her interviews and recordings that I ever heard about her work. I love the energy coming from your deep, sonorous voice. Thank you again for all your work! Light & Joy,"
- Margarete

"Lauren I can't thank you enough for the energy alignment from Bill Farber. I don't have words to describe how "life" changing that was for me!!! I'm a Lightworker, I was totally aligned into Full Ascension. I've lived All my life for this day! I AM LOVE ..."
- Kate

"Hi Lauren, I'm new to your website and your work. I was led to your website through your conversation with Linda Dillon who I listen to alot through her website and the Golden Age of Gaia. However after listening to that initial conversation, I also began listening to other conversations, now the most recent with Sandra Walter. I am just really grateful for your service, because it really is amazing. I love how each show is different and you allow each guest to kind've put in their own energies in the way they desire but you always offer such great points and commentary that helps to sum everything up and keep it together so it is incredibly effective. I also love the special offers that you offer together with your guest that help to catalyze and support our continued spiritual growth. I am really so happy I found your website and radio show!Love and Blessings!"
- Kyle

Here are some of Guests on Healing Conversations:


The man who coined the term Heart-Coherency (the pre-cursor to Heart Math) joins us on today’s Healing Conversation. Daniel Winter speaks of the power of the Torus and how you can monitor your own home to ensure you’re working in the flow of life force. Daniel "Dan" Winter is an American new age author, lecturer, computer graphics artist and sacred geometry researcher.


The leading authority on near-death experiences, Dr. Raymond Moody, joins us in today’s Healing Conversation. Dr. Moody’s pioneering research coined the term NDE – Near-Death Experience as he’s spent a lifetime answering the question "what happens when we die?" This interview covers the lifetime of Dr. Moody and his fascinating case studies of NDE.


Past Lives and Soul Evolution is the topic of Today’s Healing Conversation with Dr. Linda Backman, a psychologist and past-life regression therapist, who says "the purpose of coming into body is to grow as a soul and assist the planet." Join us today and learn how you can become your OWN CHANNEL and expand your intuition.


If you, or anyone you know, has ever asked for "scientific" proof that life does not end when we die, then these conversations are not to be missed. Share these with everyone you know who is seeking answers. You may find them very helpful.

Dr. Walter Semkiw, of the IISIS Institute on Reincarnation, joins us to talk about many fascinating case studies on Reincarnation and Soul Evolution. He continues the research of Ian Stevenson who studied 3000 children who returned with a remembrance of their past lives. Dr. Semkiw says this knowledge of reincarnation can bring world peace once people realize that we will return to this world and live again.


Robert Moss is the creator of Active Dreaming and the author of many books, including his latest release of Dreaming the Soul Back Home. Robert holds dreaming workshops all over the world, and today he'll be sharing with us the importance of our dreams, how to discover the meaning of our dreams, how we can heal ourselves with dreams, or even prevent premonitions from occurring. He also discusses techniques that you can use to Active Dream.


Tune in to hear the Legendary Dr. Norm Shealy discuss his energy medicine techniques of the Sacred Rings today on Healing Conversations. Dr. Shealy is an amazing person who continues to bring forth new healing modalities. You’ll enjoy hearing him speak about his own awakening process as a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon turned holistic health PIONEER. Norm is 81 years young and believes the human body’s natural expectancy is 140 years. Tune in today to learn about his technique that uses a form of EFT, with blends of charged oils for improved results on so many health issues, from pain to chronic illness.


Please join us today for the our next Healing Conversation with Dr. Suzanne Lie, and Graham Dewyea who talk about current ascension symptoms and the energies we’re feeling this year of 2012. Dr. Suzanne Lie is a channel of the Arcturians and a multi-dimensional counsler , and Graham Dewyea is a new paradigm researcher exposing truth on ETs and and our galactic family. This is a poignant conversation!


Christine Day on the Pleiadian Light Initiations discusses the new Crysatalline Grid that was birthed during the 11-11-11 event and is now being activated in all of our bodies — in the space between the cells. Maybe you can feel this happening in your body? This is a fascinating conversation that will help you acclimate to the energies of this year!


Join us for another Healing Conversation
Anrita Melchizedek of the Pleiadian Light Network shares her knowledge of the energies of this incredible year -- including the May 20th eclipse and the June 6th Venus Transit.


Join us in today's Healing Conversation with Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther who shares wisdom keeper insight on this extraordinary year! Listen Here

Little Grandmother's word are so pure as she reminds us to wake up to know Who You Are, and that by BEing Love, we can and will change the world. She also gives us a crystal ceremony that we can offer to the living waters of Earth to help heal and respond to our intentions. And most fascinating, Little Grandmother talks about the — inner Earth Beings and the Star Beings that love us 10,0000 times more than a mother. You're going to LOVE Little Grandmother's message!



This Healing Conversation with Brien Foerster explores his life-long research in search of the Lost Continent of Lemuria, and current work on the Elongated Skull People of Peru and Bolivia and their connection with the world’s megalithic sites. Brien even shares his story of a recent UFO sighting outside his doorstep in Peru. This is a fascinating conversation blended with scientific fact and metaphysics. Brien has been featured on the TV documentary series Ancient Aliens and is the author of many books. Brien was born in the US, but moved to the west coast of Canada as a child, where he became immediately fascinated by the Native traditions of people such as the Haida.

The following Conversations are about 1 hour in length and are from our DEEP Archives prior to 2012. These shows can be listened to via the web or downloaded as an MP3. Click the links below to access:

UFO Disclosure Petition with Steve Bassett on Healing Conversations

11-11-11 Star Gate of Divine Love Healing Conversation with Anrita Melchizedek

Healing Conversation with Frank Joseph Author of The Lost Civilization of Lemuria

Archangel Metatron Healing Modality by Tammy Majchrzak


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