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Quantum Conversations

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Today's Guest: Rick and Grace Paris

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Season 8 Episode 39 - Near­Death Experience offers Knowledge on Creating Reality

Rick Paris shares his remarkable story of his near­death experience that offered him the wisdom and confirmation that we absolutely create 100% of our reality. It's all about forgiveness of Self and the focus of Mind, knowing you are in the driver's seat of your life! Enjoy this Encore Presentation with Rick and Grace Paris.

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A Fascinating Quantum Conversation with Rick and Grace Paris

1. Learn how Rick used The Paris Principle to come back to life from a death experience.

2. Understand how and why you are creating reality 100% of the time, along with the undesirable experiences in your life.

3. Walk away with the 8­step process to create reality.

About Rick and Grace Paris
Rick and Grace Paris are the founders of The Paris Principle, a methodology created for high performance professionals to bridge the gap between their visions and reality. They have helped client’s breakthrough financial glass ceilings, build teams that support their visions, nurture relationships of all types, to overcoming crises. Whatever the nature of a problem Rick and Grace are here to remind you that your dream life is no more than a belief away.

Rick and Grace are conscious creation experts on a mission to help transformational leaders, athletes and celebrities to unlock their personal success formula when their old formula for life stops working. Rick brings to the table 23 years of nontraditional shamanic experience and a genius for reverse engineering problems to find the root cause. Grace offers her psychic empath abilities along with her natural ability to create a safe space for healing and changing. Together, Grace's radiant femininity balances Rick's dynamic masculine nature to form a powerful healing team. As a team Grace and Rick assist their clients in creating their ideal reality with the tools of reality creation.

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