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Richard London on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Dr. Richard London

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Episode 2: The Extraordinary YOU!

"The Extraordinary You" No more fixing, nothing broken, the tools and wisdom to transforming you into The Extraordinary You in 2016. Dr. Richard London shares his latest wisdom from Higher Realms as we discuss the Divine Path to Extraordinary! He is a medical doctor with three PhDs, and his mission and purpose on this planet is to assist all in finding the Divine Way Path by removing negative imprints that hold us back. Dr. London is a bridge between Spirituality and the Business World, and he offers an excellent overview of his remarkable story of being downloaded with information in the womb and having a direct connection to Source, Creator Energy.

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Dr. Richard London

In this Quantum Conversation, just by the energy in Dr. London's voice and by hearing him speak, you may experience a shift in your life or a release of old beliefs. Dr. London has a remarkable story. He remembers downloading information as a fetus in the womb, and he's been working with the Law of Attraction and Natural Laws of the Universe since he was four years old. He'll explain many helpful concepts of how he uses the Universal Laws of the Universe to Manifest:

A Message From Dr. Richard London:

I, Dr. Richard London, in appreciation and gratitude for all professionals worldwide achieving the exciting new revolutionary Life Path A “WELLNESSAIRE”; by using the 7 faces of intention Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance, and Peacefulness.

All professionals who experience the “Doctorate of Life Wellnessaire Program” will live a life daily filled with Wellness,Wealth,Peace,Love and Spirituality.

And So it Is, ~ Dr. London

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