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Stella Maris Speaks: Dolphin Wisdom for the New Age

By Adena Tryon

“You are living in a time like no other. High vibrational reality is infusing the earth like never before. At this time of miracles, a new genre of books is being born, written in partnership with higher realm beings and Source. The books have extraordinary transformational powers that can heal and awaken through their divine transmission. They hold a unique energy, existing like living and breathing beings who activate your unity consciousness for the good of all life. Speaking to the depths of your heart, these books work within quantum reality through vibration, wave resonance, and light language. They will find you even when you are not looking for them, offering everything you need for instantaneous awakening. This is such a book.”
© Adena Tryon, Stella Maris Speaks.

Be the first to receive the Stella Maris Speaks messages by purchasing the E-book. Includes Stella Maris high vibrational messages and over 35 beautifully illustrated images.

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Stella Maris Guided Meditations

Journey with Stella Maris to the oceanic depths of unity consciousness. Adena is offering these guided meditations prior to the release of Stella Maris Speaks. You will travel with Stella Maris to the higher realms and receive healings activations to bless your life without leaving your home! Meet each Stella Maris messenger and dive into the waters of their high vibrational frequencies of joy, light, love, fun, and play.

Dive into the healing waters of dolphin consciousness with Stella Maris through their guided visionary meditations created to:
Return you to unity consciousness
Activate your divinity
Restore your inner child
Clear and heal energetic blocks
Open your intuitive channels
Help you to awaken your ancient wisdom and gifts
Receive blessings for inner balance and alignment

The meditations include twelve different visionary activations guided by the individual members of Stella Maris. Theseus journeys with you to the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece. Mahadra brings you to a water healing ceremony where your senses are healed and your quantum human abilities are activated in the sapphire blue water. The Stella Maris children take you on many magical adventures from islands to ocean temples to activate your inner joy, light, and love. Visit the Stella Maris temple in the Pleiades where Queen A’Mara will help you to remember your divine nobility. Join Stella Maris for these twelve guided meditations designed to awaken your consciousness and bless your life.

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