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Intro to Portals of Liberation - Webinar Replay

What this course is all about is achieving the highest level of realisation possible for your incarnation. Through the series of activations and ancient Rishi practises you will be given a clear map to the road of Liberation.

Liberation isn’t for everyone, it is for brave dear souls that choose to surrender their own personal agenda and merge with the greater will and source of the Divine. This in turn not only frees oneself from the bondage of reincarnation and Karmic cycles, it also can free their entire genetic ancestral pool, from ones mothers and fathers genetic coding.


What it is, what function and role it plays in our universe, and how you can access its power for your own life creations


What Liberation and Ascension is, How this process frees all your Karma and ends the cycle of Reincarnation


How the Kundalini Awakens within ones Energetic Anatomy and what may be blocking its Activation


The science The science behind Aether, and why when you access Aether you can literally speak and command into being your intentionsbehind Aether, and why when you access Aether you can literally speak and command into being your intentions

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Locate your planetary creation chakras and how they form the lost Holy grail of Alchemy. This Holy Grail has been prophesied by the ancients as the fountain of youth or philosophers stone, which we all know bestows IMMORTALITY. This does not mean your going to become immortal, it means your going to further realise how such a phenomenon is possible.


Unlock the 33 vertebras seals of virtue to rediscover the power of Primordial energy


We will explore the internal HEART CHAKRAS & DEEP SPIRITUAL HEART ANATOMY to FURTHER clear Ancestral and past life Karmic patterns. I will also teach you a meditation protocol that fast tracks the alchemic cycle of genetic liberation.

You will:


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TPortals of Liberation provided me with a soul recalibration, reconnection and soul remembrance of the Kriya Yoga Lineage and the ancient immortal teachings of the Rishis, including the immortal template holder of the Earth Babaji Nagaraj. The educational information, codes, and home practices provided me with soul memories and helped to recalibrate my system so I could come into alignment with Source. Ultimately, in is up to me to apply these practices to my life and benefit from the changes. In my personal life I noticed some important decisions that would be important to make in order to move forward on the immortal path and be a Conduit of Source. Akasha is a kind, humble, and pure Bodhisattva being, an emissary of the ancient teachings and codes, who has transcended the ordinary human condition and liberated himself in this lifetime; therefore, learning these practices and to receive the transmissions and codes from Akasha goes beyond anything I could receive from educated knowledgeable teachers.”

Many Blessings, and Gratitude
Tasha Dufrene

Portals of liberation introduced me to sacred kriyas and practices that challenged my perception in terms that are difficult to describe. I saw myself moving planets inside my own being and felt myself not only as one with the cosmos but AS the cosmos.

I felt energy moving almost like electricity throughout my body with some of the mantras, charging like a battery. I felt the chakras beyond the seven that we all know, I felt my 8th chakra like a butterfly, a triangle pointing down with two wings and a head, fluttering softly and yet intensely at the same time and the 9th like a frog at the back of my head, slower and more densely beating like a drum.

We have a mirror in the room where I do my practices and at some point with these practices I saw the curtains behind me through my body as it became lighter and then transparent.. Another time my head completely disappeared in the mirror, I only saw the light from the window shining through. I don’t take any stimulants or plant medicines that could have altered my perception, instead this is what I saw with my own eyes in the mirror.

It is one thing to believe we are fluid, we are light, we are boundless, and that in our best moments we are empty vessels reflecting like the mirror itself, yet it is another if you see it yourself and it enters your reality as a fact. For me this has been also very scary at times and not just easy, because it challenges my identity of who I am if matter is illusionary and I am only understanding very slowly the boundless nature that we all hold.

Akasha is an amazing teacher that holds incredible knowledge for humanity and is guided by the most selfless beings of light. He is extremely caring, loving and giving and totally humble at the same time. He can and will answer all questions that come up and he can see into your being on an energetic level and help you understanding whats happening in the times when you don’t. I feel very lucky that he taught me and he remains a constant guide.

I can only recommend anyone who really wants to step into their boundless nature to take this step for this course. But also to be prepared and open to what might happen, because it might transform everything you thought was possible in this human form.

Thank You,
T. TEinhäuser

“The portals of liberation course was amazing – it has contributed to a huge upgrade in my knowledge and abilities. Akasha is not only a super and caring teacher, he also very knowledgable about the subtle energy body. Liberation has for a long time been my main aim as with liberation comes the end of suffering and all the rest of ego centric stuff. I am becoming more and more free and life is becoming very easy for me. I owe Akasha (and the Babaji lineage) a huge debt of Gratitude for gifting us this information which in the old days, I guess, was only available for very high level initiates.

This course is a must for anybody who wants to attain their own liberation. Now is the time for us to step into our Limitless selves. This course is a big step in the right direction.

With lots of love,
Ocean Melchizedek

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