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Accredited Online Healer Training – Module One -Heart Awakening 12 February 2018

Join Alana’s exciting and empowering accredited online healer training program, to grow spiritually and professionally in an amazing transformational program. The entire program takes one year to complete, qualifying you as a licensed Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring practitioner, trained to share one-on-one healing sessions and facilitate powerful group mentoring workshops

Enjoy half price enrolment in the first six week Module One of Alana Fairchild’s incredible year-longSoul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring online professional healer training program. Please notethere are Four modules to complete the full program.

Are you ready to say YES to the Universe?

There is a divine destiny, a sacred mission, meant for you. Your heart yearns for it, your soul knows how to create it.

You are a healer. Whether you provide healing professionally or in more ‘undercover’ ways, your spiritual presence as a healer in this world helps create balance and consciousness, promotinghuman spiritual evolution. The planet needs you to be brave, to trust yourself and to shine your light without fear.

Alana Fairchild, the best-selling author and singing, dancing oracle goddess and divine alchemist,joins Quantum Conversations to discuss the soul purpose of healing that exists within you, on thepath of consciousness, even if you don’t think of yourself in that way. With her sense of humour,highly sensitive spiritual connection and open heart, she’ll take you into her world of the divine, ofcreative empowerment, and spiritual inspiration to take the leaps of faith, surrender and boldness that we need to bring our divine light to the world.

As part of a special offer for this Quantum Conversations broadcast, Alana is offering a 50% discount off Module One of her highly successful year long online training program for healers. Training commences on 12th February 2018.

The Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring training uses Alana’s stunning Crystal Mandala Oracledeck, as well as music, books, meditation CDs and sacred ritual. The course has been channelled
through Alana’s higher guidance to help you attain your divine purpose. For you that may meantaking your career as a professional healer to the next level (or perhaps beginning your career inthe healing arts) or it could mean personal support for evolution and development with anoutstanding opportunity to be held in a field of high spiritual consciousness, consistently throughthe year of training.

Why not open your heart to divine possibilities in 2018 and let Alana’s training program help youmake this your most spiritually transformative and powerful year yet … We want to support you inopening your heart to all that is destined for you, so you can embrace your beautiful destiny withjoy and courage. There is so much meant for you.

Do I need special materials to do the training?

You’ll need a computer with internet connection to download your course materials and be able tocommunicate with us by email, Skype or Facebook. You will also need to purchase your trainingkit.

Special Offer
Special Offer