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ULTIMATE EMPOWERMENT - Through Partnering With The Spirit World

The spirit world knows your deepest soul. It knows where your soul has been.
In this ‘Ultimate Empowerment’ series Alicia Power reveals revolutionary information and real skills that could accelerate your life – into your deepest dreams.
What is creating the drag in your life?
Have you wondered why you haven’t managed to achieve your soul dreams? 
Partnering with the spirit world CAN and DOES make all the difference. Levels of authority in the spirit world have the power to cut through dragging realities – to partner with you to create exactly what you want.

Module #1:  How The Quantum Field Plays With Us

Module #2: Understanding “Psychic Hygiene”

Module #3:  “Psychic Profiling” – Scanning The Truth Of A Person

Module #4:  Quantum Manifestation – Sacred Tools
Practical Partnering skills with the senior spirit world to create:

#1  Daily Life - Make Changes Instructing Your Spirit Guide
In this powerful healing you will INSTRUCT your Guide to change the SMALL things in your life (like money)! I'll take you DEEP straight away - so that your Spirit Guide can 'hear' YOU, and 'get' what you are asking for... The DEEPER the connection in the moment of asking - the faster the real-life results... 

#2  Heal A Big Confusion – Using Your Spirit Guide
WATCH your Guide REACH IN to your being and FIND & REWIRE YOUR CONFUSION... (maybe about an opportunity, a person you know, about yourself!) So you FEEL CLEAR and not held back...

#3  Heal Painful Beliefs From Past Lives – With Spirit Technicians
AFRAID OF YOUR POWER? OF BEING SEEN? If you'd like to be public with your Soul Gift, this healing is critical. Surgical Transmutation of Past Life Trauma.

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Comments About Alicia

Alicia, Thank you so much for this. I was touched to tears. Love, - L.B.

Thank you Alicia! I am feeling the power of your work and am very excited to have tools for precision in working with the spirit world available to me. I had recently been asking for the highest level energy beings to work with me and that is when I discovered you...no accident. My soul loves this work. – B.G.

Thank you dearest Alicia….. Your recordings clarify a lot of information that is not readily available. And your sincerity to help and integrity shines through! – R.J. 

This is beautiful, powerful and so very practical all presented with grace, joy and love! Thank you, Alicia, for your loving soul! - J.F. 

Thank you Alicia, I am sad to be at the end of this audio course with you. You have been in my pocket every day. It has been amazing in so many ways! I have been able to access deep inside of me. I am so grateful for all your teachings – and now onto the next course! So GREAT and excited !! Thank you for sharing all of you with us. You have a huge purpose and are doing it so well. I am blessed to have you in my life and trust someday we will meet in person :) Love always xo - P.N. 

Alicia, I'm in love with you and your Spirit Tutor's work. Magical things have happened, since I began listening to your mp3's. Very exciting! :-) – S.B. 

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