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Going Beyond 3D

Private one-hour session with Althea Provost, over Skype international or in-person or by phone (USA). Althea works on the energetic level to assist you in fine tuning your energy, illuminate empowered choices, deepen your insight, and integrate your knowing.

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My name is Isabel, and I have been fortunate enough to meet Althea two years ago. I found her to be a very gifted person. I wanted to work with her immediately. She has helped me move energy in my life in geometric ways by shifting and removing energetic blocks. Working with her is an exciting experience. I can feel the magic of the energy she brings to each session. I have worked with many people before, and her talents are very special. She is a gift. She is fun and exciting to work with and brings laughter and lightness to each session. -Isabel Tartaglia, Connecticut

Starseed Australia Adventure!!!! When I first heard Althea speak in March 2016 about her Starseed Australia Adventure, I knew this trip had my name on it. As I heard her describing each leg of the adventure on the radio: the first three days in Sydney, speaking at the UFOR conference, then traveling to the center of Australia to connect to the Ley lines at Uluru, and then integrating all that would be learned at our beach house which included a ceremony in a sacred women's cave, I absolutely knew I was to be part of this adventure. I have to admit I did not know how it would happen financially; Australia is quite a bit away from Mississippi, but that was not for me to figure out, I just knew beyond a shadow of any doubt that I had to travel with Althea on her Starseed Adventure!!!! When I received the information about the adventure and viewed all the trip details, I quickly realized this was truly a Spirit lead adventure - My heart rejoiced, my spirit was thrilled, and all I could say was, Wow and yes, yes, yes!!!!! -Karen Restom, Mississippi

I met Althea Provost in May of 2013. I had the pleasure of doing plant medicine and energy work with her. I have been on the fast track for the last 3 1/2 years. Althea and I have worked to help me sense and more intimately communicate with my inner Guidance and Goddess.

Our last session involved containing leaking energies and realigning and harmonizing my subtle bodies and fields. This was followed by the clearing the vagus nerve root to tip. This last process is still unfolding and has been accompanied with many physical changes and benefits as well.

Althea is a committed, compassionate, highly connected lightworker and a conscientious and adept counselor. She has developed a very effective technique to connect and guide inspired Souls to their highest potential and expression. It is and has been an honor to grow in this work with Althea. A blessing and asset to the Earth team. -Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire, Texas

Insightful and Empowering!
I highly recommend you connect with Althea! Her energy and joy infuse you with enthusiasm to keep on. Her suggestions and recommendations were insightful and empowering! She reminds you that who you are already knows and you can do this! You've got it! Go for it! Connect today! -LuAnne, fellow Starseed

Exceptionally Effective
The phrase that comes to mind when I think of the energy work that I have received from Althea is "exceptionally effective". One of my favorite things about her is that there is no way to hide from myself in her presence. I have had both in person sessions both in person and on the phone.The results have been equally effective. Energy work is not a new thing for me. I have been involved in energy work both as a healer and as a facilitator for three decades. Althea knocked my socks off. She's the real deal. -Mireya Rinna, Colorado

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