~ Online Healing Retreat Series ~
with Cherie Vergini

Communicating with Your Pets

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Online Healing Retreat: Communicating with Your Pets

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
Your Pet is Talking, Know What They’re Saying?
with Cherie Vergini, Pet Psychic

Have you ever sensed your pet is trying to tell you something, but not sure what?
Want to know what more you can do for your pet?
Desire a deeper understanding of what animals think of humans?
Curious if your pet is feeling okay?
Wonder about their past and wish you could understand current behaviors? Whether you want to understand your pet on a deeper level, have questions for them, are concerned about their physical or emotional health, curious about their past, or simply want to know their thoughts and feelings, communicating with your pet will open up a new level of understanding and enhance your relationship.

By using pet communication techniques, it will be much easier to work with your pet on behavior issues or anything that is bothering or confusing them. Animals have complex emotions just like people – a pet communication session can open the flood gates between you and your pet, cementing your connection and increasing compassion and understanding.

During this learning experience, you will learn the basics of telepathic communication, with animals. Cherie will guide you through a series of exercises that will allow you to explore the use of telepathy in communicating with animals.

This workshop is for people who love animals and desire to deepen the bond and relationship with all animals. It’s amazing to learn the natural, universal language of telepathy and to hear what is in the animal's heart and mind. It is for people who want to hear/sense or see the thoughts, feelings and messages of their animals for the purpose of building a beautiful, deep relationship with mutual understanding.

Join us for this fun and enlightening experience and:

1. Explore relationships with our pets as soul peers & how pet communication can deepen our intimate connection with the animals we love
2. Review the main factor that hinders telepathic communication with pets
3. Understand how pet communication works: what it is, isn't, when & how to use it, and it's purpose and limitations
4. Practice talking to animals!

Since each of us uses telepathy differently, this workshop will help you rediscover your personal way of 'listening'. It will expand your thinking about animals and how they view the world around us. Come away with a new sense of awareness and the ability to begin listening to the animals. Bring a picture of your pet for practice

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CLICK HERE to Register $22.22 Schedule a Personal Session with Cherie in her Special Offer
Special Offer

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